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Weapon Damage Falloff Table

The table has the info you need to properly calculate the arctan fall off function with the factor in the descriptions [Link TBA]

Recoil[edit | edit source]

A negative value added to the to-hit roll, and is for subsequent shots with a weapon without taking a rest. 

If not listed, the recoil penalty is 0, which means no penalty for additional shots.

This penalty does not stack.  A recoil penalty of 2 stays at 2 no matter how many consecutive shots are taken.

Not firing a weapon for a turn will remove the Recoil penalty for the next shot.

Is based on a d12 roll to-hit, so each point of recoil is about a 5% penalty, but can vary between 2-7%.

Contributes to the base to-hit roll.

Accuracy (Acc.)[edit | edit source]

A positive or negative value that is added to the base to-hit roll.

Contributes to the base to-hit roll.

Damage +/-[edit | edit source]

This weapon does more or less damage than is typical for the base model

This increased damage -IS- already shown on the weapon card and battle HUD!

Weight +/-[edit | edit source]

This weapon weighs more or less than the standard version

This increase or decrease -IS- already shown on the weapon card

Critical +/-[edit | edit source]

The base critical value is 1

An increase or decrease in Critical will modify that value.  +50% critical will make the Crit value 1.5

Most bonuses will be a percentage, not a +1, etc.

This will NOT be reflected on the base stats, as no Critical stat is shown.  It WILL be noted on the weapon card, but not in the battle HUD.

Range +/-[edit | edit source]


-2 acc per crit accumulated

Range Split

Heat Damage

Damage Variance

Damage Falloff

Starting Ammo Capacity

Evasive Pips Ignored

Indirecte Fire Capable

Shots when Fired

Projectiles per shot


Overheat damage multiplier