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A list of every Vehicle and it's variant currently found in Roguetech. Click on each vehicle to find a list of variants and their attached weapons/equipment. Unless other wise stated, most vehicles will use re-purposed HBS assets, these are referenced in the Vehicle Model category. Please note that this is still a work in progress and may not have what you are looking for. Please post any errors or inconsistencies you find, in the Roguetech discord so we can fix them.

The following Tags may apply to a vehicle:

  • Clan: Clan vehicles hit hard and faster than their Inner Sphere counterparts. Equipped with the latest products of Clan science, these vehicles are a treasure trove of Clan technology - if you can kill it. Clan tank crews, except Hell's Horses, have less training or combat experience than their IS counterparts which has resulted in lower quality crews. Equipped with Clan weapons and technology as standard.
  • Legendary: Rare, experimental, and unusually powerful and expensive units. Generally only a maximum of one such unit can spawn per lance.
  • Pirate: Self explanatory. These units come festooned in spikes and ''custom'' weapons of dubious origin. Can only be fielded by pirates.
  • Predator: These guys are usually the lead elements of enemy lance, carrying recon gear such as a TAG or C3 master unit. If you can see one, the odds are pretty good the rest of the lance can see you as well. Equipped with target spotting equipment as standard.
  • Primitive: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If it breaks, swap in something else and its as good as new. These units are generally poorly equipped in comparison to regular IS units, with low tech alternatives to conventional technology. Lower tech alternative vehicles.
  • SLDF: Dating back to the Star League days, and often featuring what was once Lostech, SLDF Royal units are mostly found in the ranks of Comstar, at least in the Inner Sphere. The Clans still field some models they brought with them on the Exodus largely unchanged, despite their own advancing technology. Generally a cut above average IS units they're considered good enough for second line and garrison units.
  • Stealth
  • Super Heavy
Vehicle Weight (Tons) Weight Class Variant Tags Vehicle Model
AJAX 90 Assault Demolisher
ALACORN 95 Assault Pirate Schrek
MAXIM 50 Medium SLDF Drone
TURHAN 50 Medium APC
VARGAR 55 Medium
ARES 40 Medium Clan Manticore
AXEL 65 Heavy Pirate, Clan Scorpion
BALROG 60 Heavy Bulldog
BATTLEBUS 35 Light Primitive APC
BEHEMOTH 100 Assault Demolisher
BELLONA 45 Medium Clan SLDF Drone
BOLLA 60 Heavy Stealth, Legendary Bulldog
BOOMBOX 50 Medium Pirate APC
BRUTUS 75 Heavy Demolisher
BULLDOG 60 Heavy Buldog
BULLET ANT 55 Medium Primitive Manticore
CARRIER (WIP) 60 Heavy Primitive, Clan
LIGHT CARRIER (WIP) 40 Medium Primitive Striker
CHARIOT 50 Medium Primitive SLDF Drone
DEMOLISHER 80 Assault Primitive, Clan Demolisher
DEMOLISHER II 100 Assualt Legendary, Predator, Stealth Demolisher
DEMON 60 Heavy Clan, Pirate, SLDF Bulldog
DEVESTATOR 80 Assault Demolisher
DRILLSON 50 Medium SLDF Drone
EPONA 50 Medium Clan
FIRETRUCK 25 Light Primitive, Predator Mobile HQ
FULCRUM 50 Medium Predator SLDF Drone
GALLEON 30 Light Predator Galleon
GLADIUS 40 Medium SLDF Drone
GOBLIN 45 Medium Scorpion
GORGON 50 Medium Predator Manticore
GULLTOPPR 195 Assualt Superheavy APC
HETZER 40 Medium
HUITZILOPOCHTLI 85 Assault Clan Demolisher
HUNTER 35 Light Pirate, Predator Striker
IGNIS 30 Light Pirate Galleon
INDRA 35 Light Clan APC
IZULA 50 Medium Primitive Manticore
JEDGAR 25 Light Primitive SLDF Drone
JOUST 40 Medium Clan Bulldog
KINGSCORPION 35 Light Scorpion
KU 50 Medium Clan APC
MANTICORE 60 Heavy Pirate
MARS (WIP) 100 Assault Clan APC
MARSDEN-II 60 Heavy Pirate
METALSTORM 150 Assault Super Heavy LRM Carrier
MOBILE HQ 25 Light
MYRMIDON 40 Medium
OBJECT 404 150 Assault Super Heavy Schrek
ONTOS 95 Assault
PATTON 65 Heavy Scorpion
PEGASUS 35 Light
PIKE 60 Heavy Clan
PLUNDERER 80 Assault Pirate Demolisher
PO 60 Heavy Galleon
PO-II 60 Heavy Stealth Galleon
PUMA 95 Assault Clan, SLDF
RANGER VV1 45 Medium
REGULATOR 45 Medium Primitive
RHINO 80 Assault Royal
ROMMEL 65 Heavy
SABAKU KAZE 40 Medium SLDF Drone
SALADIN 35 Light Pirate
SCHREK (WIP) 80 Assault Pirate, Primitive Schrek
SCORPION 25 Light Clan
SHAMASH 11 Light Clan Swiftwind
SHEPARD 60 Heavy Bulldog
SM TANK DESTROYER 50 Medium Clan, Predator SLDF Drone
STRIKER 35 Light Pirate Striker
SWIFTWIND 8 Light Swiftwind
TECHNICAL 10-20 Light Primitive, Predator Swiftwind
TIGER 55 Medium Scorpion
VEDETTE 50 Medium Pirate Scorpion
VON LUCKNER 75 Heavy Manticore
WINSTON 70 Heavy Manticore
ZEPHYR 40 Medium Pirate SLDF Drone
ZHUCKOV 75 Heavy Demolisher
ZORYA 35 Light Clan Striker