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Vanilla Weapons Rebalance

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Weapon Rebalance[edit | edit source]

All rebalancing is subject to further rebalancing, 'cause this mod crew adjusts things daily.

  • ALL support have been moved to their proper category, they will not shoot in melee.
  • Loads of new support weapons added. Jackhammers, Mining drills, power armor weaponry, and much more!
  • Short ranges(half of optimal range in mechbay) on everything, penalty for medium range, max ranges beyond long range at higher difficulty
  • Stability for every weapon--1 stab per 4 damage (doing fractions) lasers 1 per 6
  • Stability damage is now closer to tabletop for "damage taken" piloting rolls. Every time a mech is unstable and gets shot at, a 30% chance for knockdown with each hit. Yes, you can fall down from a miss at this point. Piloting skills improve the chance of staying up if they're the one getting shot at. (2% better chance per level)
  • LRM clustering reduced--can still cluster on heads with some luck. Damage reduced slightly.
  • Large Lasers and PPC's-- increased damage.
  • PPC's have recoil.
  • Pulse weapon ignore 2 Evasion pips and have +1 accuracy--this is "Pulse Accuracy"
  • Streak weapons are +2 accuracy +2 evasion ignore this is "Streak" bonus text
  • Adds a tier3 PPC, ERPPC got the PPC debuff HBS forgot
  • Gauss--now in three flavors! Light, normal and Heavy. (Will use different sizes of ammo, but for now uses one size until patched.)
  • AC's--20% reduced heat, accuracy bonus replaced with increased range, and evasion ignore for higher tier
  • All +Stability modifiers are now a multiplier--not a straight addition
  • All flamers generate heat on the shooter's mech--ammo has been removed.
  • Heat weapons deal bonus damage against vehicles, turrets and buildings (Add the heat damage as normal damage vs. these targets)
  • Variable Damage--You'll see this on pirate weapons often. Damage will be higher or lower than the amount stated on the weapon, with a minimum/maximum. (On some weapons is "inbetween +/- this value")
  • Range Variance denotes that this weapons deals less damage the further you are from your target
  • ER Weapons--Slight damage bonus with slightly reduced heat.