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Hello Is there no alternative to the RogueTech installation without having to tinker with Windows? There are people who wouldn't be able to find their way around Windows if they had to change their native language to a hardly understandable foreign language.

I would be very grateful for an answer and hope for your understanding. Thank you in advance for your efforts.

There are not many ways to fix this easily enough, since its more on the side on how Windows Operating Systems work on the multi-lingual level. Short answer on why its necessary is due to how Windows languages interprets special characters - Ex. Ñ,ç,ï,↕,Ü - which some of the Star Systems on the ISM (Inner Sphere Map, the mod with every single star system, made by Morphyum) needs those characters for filenames, so those when are processed by the installer, can get corrupted names. This happens a lot for non English (nor Hispanic) System/Unicode Windows languages process them.

Altho I made a countermeasure to this with on the Discord's support channel, it wasn't probably the best case to bury it there [will fix it this tho, when I can tho].

Meanwhile follow this steps.

"Compressed file with all the Star Systems for RT with proper formatting for the Non-Unicode language problem when installing RT.
Replace battletech\Mods\InnerSphereMap\StarSystems with the folder (with the files) with the same name on this archive."

MXMach (talk) 10:05, 26 January 2019 (UTC)