Specialist Ammo Variants

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New Ammo bins that contain modifiers for your weapons, but each has a cost on their own, and they will affect all weapons they carry their ammotype for

With 0.987 you are restricted to only 1 ammo upgrade per weapon type

Missiles[edit | edit source]

Inferno SRM

This ammo changes ALL your SRM launchers to carry Inferno Rounds, dealing heat damage instead of direct hit damage

Incendiary LRM

Incendiary LRM's have a lesser heat effect compared to Inferno SRM Warheads but sacrifice only half their damage

Deadfire LRM and SRM

Deadfire Missiles exchange their guidance system for a larger weapons paylaod, reducing overall accuracy by 2 and all ranges by 30%

Hotloaded LRM

Hotloaded LRM's reduce the minimum range but reduce accuracy

Extreme Range LRM

ER LRM vastly increase the range of the lrm launcher at cost of some damage

Artemis SRM/LRM

Grant increased accuracy of missiles being fired

Tandem Charge SRM

Gives a massive crit bonus to srm launchers but reduces damage dealt

Ballistics[edit | edit source]

Armour Piercing AC Ammo

These boxes only carry only half ammo, but grant their firing weapon a 100% crit chance

Precision AC Ammo

This ammo contains semiguided gyrojet shell granting its parent weapon +1 accuracy

Heavy Gauss

Heavy Gauss Ammo reduces the range of a Gauss rifle but deals increased damage at reduced accuracy

Light Gauss

Light Gauss ammo vastly increases range of all gauss rifles at increased accuracy but trades most of its damage away

Tracer MG

A simple MG ammo bin that grants +1 Accuracy

All weapons (except mg)

Live Fire Training Rounds

Doubles the stability but trades most of the damage away