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How do the shops work?[edit | edit source]

Black markets do not exist in Rogue Tech.

Shops are built from 3 different layers. The first and most important of these is the Basic Store. This is the layer of shops that is available at lower reputation levels and is filled with the basics a Mech Warrior needs. Standard weapons, jump jets, heat sinks, basic ammo and a variety of other boring but essential goods can be found in this layer of shops. Small numbers of hand held weapons, special slot items and engine cores can be found as well. The size of the planets population determines the level of items in a planets store. Small population planets can have 13-15 basic items in the shops (faction dependent), while Medium and Large population planets have 17-24 basic items in the shop (faction dependent). Small planets deliberately have a slightly sparser store front on account of the lesser status these planets (usually) and the subsequent lower status of their militias/planetary defence forces/garrisons (which in turn means less mechs/vehicles and a lot less of the parts/ammo/etc needed to keep these running).

The next layer of shops is the Reputation Shop. These are added as you progress with a Faction (using the Rep benchmark's from Vanilla). The lowest level of this is the ''Liked'' level. At this stage, your employers trust you enough to purchase older or lower tech Tanks and Combat Vehicles to supplement your existing units. This level adds an extra 2 Tanks to your future stores. The next level is ''Friendly'' where your employers begin to offer a variety of spare parts for your Mechs. This level adds 2 Mech Parts to the store, but excludes Assault Mech Parts. The last level is ''Honored'' where employers begin to trust your Merc company enough to offer older and smaller surplus Mechs for sale. This level adds a Light or Medium mech to the store.

Important note with this: Much like Basic Stores, the planet's population affects the extra shop content with small planets only offering the extra tanks for sale.

The last layer is the Planet Tag. This is a feature straight from HBS (mostly). The tags a planet features on it's map popup can add extra content to the store there. Battlefield, Electronics, Research, Chemicals, Manufacturing, Mining and Star League all add an extra 2 items to a shop. Not visible on a pop up but still used in shops are the Gamesworld (these are the Solaris 7 planets) and Castle Brian tag (added to all planets with known Castle Brians). All of these can and will combine with the normal shop so a planet with multiple tags will have extra content from all the tags.

Planet Tag Shops[edit | edit source]


A planet scarred with the signs of current or former conflict, this add 2 rare/uncommon ammo types to the Store.

AC/2 AC/5 AC/10 AC/20 AMS Arrow IV Gauss LBX Long Tom LRM MG Mortar MRM NARC Sniper SRM Thumper UAC
AP AP AP AP AMS Arrow IV Gauss LB/2X [Cluster] Long Tom Artemis IV SAFE AX MRM NARC Sniper Tandem Charge Thumper UAC2
Precision Precison Precision Precision AMS [Double] FASCAM Gauss [Double] LB/5X [Cluster] Inferno Artemis IV [Half] Tracer AX [Half] MRM [Double] ECM Sniper [Half] Tandem Charge [Half] Thumper [Half] UAC2 [Double]
SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE AMS [Half] FASCAM [Half] Gauss [Half] LB/10X [Cluster] Thunder Augmented AP FASCAM MRM [Half] Explosive Inferno Artemis IV FASCAM UAC2 [Half]
Guided Light Gauss LB/20X [Cluster] Thunder Augmented [Half] HE FASCAM [Half] Improved Haywire Shaped Charge Artemis IV [Half] FASCAM [Half] UAC [SAFE]
Inferno Light Gauss [Double] LB/2X [Slug] ER Guided Improved [Half] Sticky Bomb LK Shaped Charge UAC5
Light Gauss [Half] LB/5X [Slug] ER [Hal] Guided [Half] SAFE LK [Half] Shaped Charge [Half] UAC5 [Double]
Heavy Gauss LB/10X [Slug] FTL Tandem MagPulse UAC5 [Half]
Heavy Gauss [Double] LB/20X [Slug] FTL [Half] Tandem [Half] MagPulse [Half] UAC5 [SAFE]
LK [Half] Streak UAC10 [Double]
MagPulse Streak [Half] UAC10 [Half]
MagPulse [Half] UAC10 [SAFE]
Sensors UAC20 [Double]
Sensors [Half] UAC20 [Half]
Swarm UAC20 [SAFE]
Swarm [Half]
Tandem [Half]
Thunder [Half]
Mine Clearance
Chaff [Half]


Planets with specialist industries, this tag adds 2 pieces of high end electronics to the Store.

FCS Special Other
AC2 IFF Jammer MK 1 ECM
Artemis II IFF Jammer MK 2 EWS
Artemis III IFF Jammer MK 3 Active Probe
Autocannon Thermal Vision MK 1 Beagle Active Probe
Ballistic Thermal Vision MK 1 Guardian ECM
Breaching Thermal Vision MK 3 Narc Launcher
Critical Advanced Zoom MK 1 Narc Beacon [Ammo]
Energy Advanced Zoom MK 2 Sensor [Recon]
Flack Advanced Zoom MK 3 Sensors [High Powered]
Flamer Advanced Optics MK 1 Sensors [Huntress]
Gauss Advanced Optics MK 2 Sensors [Passive]
Headshot Advanced Optics MK 3 Sensors [Reinforced]
Improved Night Vision Sensors [Sniper]
Indirect UAV
Machine Gun


Planets with substantial or specialized R&D facilities, this tag adds 2 high tech items to the Store.

Weapon Ammunition Other
Binary Laser Cannon HVAC/2 Reflective Coating
HVAC/2 HVAC/5 Hardened Armor
HVAC/5 HVAC/10 Compact Heat Sink Kit
HVAC/10 Caseless AC/2 Compact Heat Sink
Laser AMS Caseless AC/5 Blue Shield
LRM 5 [Extended] Caseless AC/10 Torso Mount Cockpit
LRM 5 [Enhanced] Caseless AC/20 PPC Capacitor
LRM 10 [Extended] MagPulse [SRM] Mech Turret
LRM 10 [Enhanced] MagPulse [LRM] Bloodhound Active Probe
LRM 15 [Extended] Angel ECM
LRM 15 [Enhanced]
LRM 20 [Extended]
LRM 20 [Enhanced]
Thumper Cannon
Sniper Cannon
Long Tom Cannon
Small X-Pulse Laser
Medium X-Pulse Laser
Large X-Pulse Laser


Specialized in large scale manufacture or refinement of chemicals, this tag adds 2 Chemical based weapons or ammunition to the Store.

Weapons Ammunition [Ballistics] Ammunition [Misfile] Ammunition [Mortar] Ammunition [Fluid Gun] Ammunition [Energy]
Small Chem Laser Incendiary AC/2 Inferno SRM Acid Acid Large Chem
Medium Chem Laser Incendiary AC/5 Inferno SRM [Half] Acid [Half] Inferno Medium Chem
Large Chem Laser Incendiary AC/10 Incendiary LRM Inferno Oil Medium Chem [Half]
ChaffFlare RL5 Incendiary AC/20 Incendiary LRM [Half] Inferno [Half] Paint Small Chem
Counter Flare Inferno [Sniper] Incendiary MRM Smoke Heavy Flamer
Rocket Launcher 5 Inferno [Thumper] Incendiary MRM [Half] Smoke [Half]
Rocket Launcher 5 [Inferno] Inferno [Long Tom] Acid MRM Flare
Rocket Launcher 5 [Tandem] Incendiary MG Acid MRM [Half] Flare [Half]
Rocket Launcher 5 [Pack] Acid SRM
Rocket Launcher 10 Acid SRM [Half]
Rocket Launcher 10 [Inferno] Inferno [Arrow IV]
Rocket Launcher 10 [Tandem]
Rocket Launcher 10 [Pack]
Rocket Launcher 15
Rocket Launcher 15 [Inferno]
Rocket Launcher 15 [Tandem]
Rocket Launcher 15 [Pack]
Rocket Launcher 20
Rocket Launcher 20 [Inferno]
Rocket Launcher 20 [Tandem]
Rocket Launcher 20 [Pack]
Fluid Gun


Possessing one or more factories, this world is happy to sell to passing Mercenaries. This tag adds 2 high tech Tanks to the Store.

Condor [Laser]
Hawk Moth
Hawk Moth [Armor]
Scorpion [MRM]
Cavalry [TAG]
Cavalry [SRM]
Cavalry [LRM]
Sprint [C3]
Sprint [ML]
Heavy LRM Carrier
PPC Carrier
LRM Carrier 3055
SRM Carrier [3054]
Medium Pulse Laser Carrier
Schiltron [A]
Schiltron [B]
Schiltron [C]
Ontos [3053]
Goblin ISV
Striker [Ammo]
Manticore [3055]
Vedette [NETC]
Challenger [X]
Demolisher [Gauss]
Prowler [ECM]
Warrior [H8]
Galleon [102]
Alacorn [VI]
Maxim [3052]
Maxim [Anti Infantry]
Maxim [Fire Support]


The Merc companies guarding this worlds mines are willing to sell off some of their surplus vehicles. This tag adds 2 low tech vehicles to the Store.

Drillson [SRM]
Warrior [H7]
Warrior [H7A]
Warrior [H7B]
Warrior [H7C]
Maxim [SRM]
Vedette [AC2]
Saladin [Armor]
Scimitar [LRM]
Weapons Carrier
Weapons Carrier [LRM]
Carrier [Laser]
Carrier [AC/2]
Carrier [SRM]
Carrier [LRM]
Carrier [AC/10]
Carrier [AC/20]
Prowler [Succession Wars]
Prowler [Support]

Star League

The Star League Defense Force may have once had a base on this world or maybe they merely fought over it, either way Lostech will occasionally appear. This tag adds 2 pieces of SLDF equipment to the Store.

Weapon Upgrade Heat Sink Ammo
Gauss Ferro Fibrous Armor DHS Kit Artemis IV [LRM]
ER Large Laser Beagle Active probe Artemis IV [SRM]
Large Pulse Laser Command Console LB/10X [Cluster]
Medium Pulse Laser Guardian ECM LB/10X [Slug]
Small Pulse Laser Streak SRM
ER PPC Gauss [Double]
Streak SRM-2 Swarm LRM
Narc Narc

Castle Brian

This world once possessed a Castle Brian with Lostech Prospectors coming in droves to hunt for it's long lost treasures. This tag adds 2 Royal Vehicles or Mechs to the Store.

Atlas II D-H
Atlas II D-H2
Battlemaster 1Gb
Battlemaster 1Gbc
Black Knight 6b
Burke [Royal]
Catapult C1b
Champion 1Nb
Crockett 5003-1b
Cyrano [Royal]
Demon [Royal]
Fury [Royal]
Galahad 2D
Griffin 2Nb
Highlander 732b
Hussar 200-Db
King Crab 000b
King Crab 010
Kintaro 19b
Lightning [Royal]
Locust 1Vb
Marauder 2R
Mongoose 66b
Nightshade [Royal]
Osprey 15
Ostroc 2Cb
Ostscout 7Jb
Ostwar 2Mb
Puma 005b
Rhino [Royal]
Ripper [Royal]
Sentinel 3Lb
Shadow Hawk 2Hb
Stalker 3Fb
Stinger 2Gb
Thorn Nb
Thug 11Eb
Thunderbolt 5Sb
Von Luckner [Royal]
Warhammer 6Rb
Warhammer 7A
Wolverine 7H
Zephyr [Royal]


Crowds roar. Warriors clash in blood soaked arenas. And in the background Astechs earn a quick CBill modifying, repairing and making all manner of equipment. This tag adds 2 pieces of melee equipment to the Store. (This tag will be vanishing in future with Solaris and other gamesworlds gaining a dedicated store that incorporates a wider array of melee equipment)

Weapon Hatchet Lance Mace Sword Vibro Sword Shield Jump Jet Upgrade Armor and Structure
Chainsword Hatchet [1 Ton] Mech Lance [1 Ton] Mace [1 Ton] Sword [1 Ton] Vibro Sword [1 Ton] Combat Shield [1 Ton] Mechanical Jump Jet [1] Supercharger Hardened
Chain Whip Hatchet [2 Ton] Mech Lance [2 Ton] Mace [2 Ton] Sword [2 Ton] Vibro Sword [2 Ton] Combat Shield [2 Ton] Mechanical Jump Jet [2] MASC Reinforced Structure
Hammerfist Hatchet [3 Ton] Mech Lance [3 Ton] Mace [3 Ton] Sword [3 Ton] Vibro Sword [3 Ton] Combat Shield [3 Ton] Mechanical Jump Jet [3] TSM Spall Liner
Laser Drill Hatchet [4 Ton] Mech Lance [4 Ton] Mace [4 Ton] Sword [4 Ton] Vibro Sword [4 Ton] Combat Shield [4 Ton] Mechanical Jump Jet [4] Industrial TSM Spiked
Plasma Lance Hatchet [5 Ton] Mech Lance [5 Ton] Mace [5 Ton] Sword [5 Ton] Vibro Sword [5 Ton] Combat Shield [5 Ton] Mechanical Jump Jet [5] Solaris Spikes
Flail Hatchet [6 Ton] Mech Lance [6 Ton] Mace [6 Ton] Sword [6 Ton] Vibro Sword [6 Ton] Combat Shield [6 Ton] Mechanical Jump Jet [6] Retractable Blade
Fire Fists Hatchet [7 Ton] Mech Lance [7 Ton] Mace [7 Ton] Sword [7 Ton] Vibro Sword [7 Ton] Combat Shield [7 Ton] Mechanical Jump Jet [7] Claws
Arc Welder Hatchet [8 Ton] Mech Lance [8 Ton] Mace [8 Ton] Sword [8 Ton] Vibro Sword [8 Ton] Combat Shield [8 Ton] Mechanical Jump Jet [8] Talons
Chainsaw Hatchet [9 Ton] Mech Lance [9 Ton] Mace [9 Ton] Sword [9 Ton] Vibro Sword [9 Ton] Combat Shield [9 Ton] Mechanical Jump Jet [9] FCS Melee
Cultivator Hatchet [10 Ton] Mech Lance [10 Ton] Mace [10 Ton] Sword [10 Ton] Vibro Sword [10 Ton] Combat Shield [10 Ton] Mechanical Jump Jet [10] Sensors [DFA]
Jackhammer Articulated Jump Jets [Assault] Reinforced Legs [MK 1]
Laser Cutter Articulated Jump Jets [Heavy] Reinforced Legs [MK 2]
Mining Drill Articulated Jump Jets [Standard] Reinforced Legs [MK 3]
Plasma Torch Directional Jump Jet [Assault]
Wrecking Ball Directional Jump Jet [Heavy]
Anti-Personnel Pod Directional Jump Jet [Standard]

Solaris 7[edit | edit source]

Primitive Stores and Why They Suck[edit | edit source]

Noticeably more sparse then your average shop, the stores of your favourite Deep Periphery factions will contain less items and lower quality items representative of the low quality local tech. Centuries behind the rest of the Periphery, the Deep Periphery for the most is much less advanced with most of the factions lacking the knowledge to repair or maintain Battlemechs. As a result their stores are split between locally made weapons based on Age of War or older technology (such as Rocket Launchers and Chem Lasers) or limited quantities of more modern weapons. Alongside these weapons, basic supplies and ammunition can be found in small quantities. The Deep Periphery Store is currently set to offer 15 items for sale,

The other side effect of being out in the Deep Periphery is that tag stores like those featured high up on this page will be virtually non existent. Planet tag shops are not available for the majority of Deep Periphery planets.

The Reputation stores are also slightly different in how they operate compared to standard Rep Stores. Operating on the same basis as the ones mentioned earlier, these stores are slightly less generous in their rewards. At Liked, your employers will allow local suppliers increased access. This level adds an extra 2 basic Weapons to your future stores. At Friendly, the local defence forces are happy to sell you a variety of slightly used Tanks. This level adds an extra 2 Tanks to your future stores. When Honored is reached, the local defence forces become willing to offer access to their extremely limited selection of mech parts. This level adds 1 Mech Part to the store, but excludes Assault Mech Parts.

Faction Stores (Offline)[edit | edit source]

Congratulations Merc, you've earned access to the biggest and best store of them all; the Faction Store. If you have the CBills, your allied friends might have something special for you. These are made up of 21 or more high end items with the high end price tag to match. All Faction Stores offer 4 advanced tanks for sale, alongside 6 Mechs and 6 Mech Parts. Unlike standard Stores, these can scale up to Heavy Weight (your so called friends are most definitely not going to sell you a rare and expensive Assualt Mech. Sorry to crush your Steiner Scout dreams) so finding that dream Catapult or a shiny Marauder is very possible. 5 pieces of high end equipment round out the Faction Store, these could be Artillery pieces, Gyros or specialist Actautors to name a few of the possible products. And wait. We have more to sell to you. Some factions will also sell their own R&D efforts to you, with 3 pieces of high end tech offered for your perusal. Fancy something exotic like a Compact Heat Sink or an Angel ECM Suite? Your friends (in the Great House and Telephone Companies) might very have something for you.