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The Shamash is an extremely small reconnaissance and skirmish vehicle. It's greatest strength is that it's small size and great agility make it difficult to hit. The design is surprisingly popular with, normally vehicle averse, Clan warriors because it's a single-man craft. The warrior piloting it can demonstrate individual skill and attain personal glory and recognition for his or her battlefield exploits.

Variant Tag(s) Weight (Tons) Class Movement


Total Armour Value


Internal Structure

(per Location)

Weapons Ammunition Salvageable Equipment Vehicle Model
Shamash Reconnaissance Vehicle Clan 11 Light 13-20 190 10 4 X ER Small Laser 60 Rated Fusion Core

9 X Heat Sinks

Savannah Master
Shamash Interdictor Clan - - - - - 1 X ER Medium Laser 1 X Guardian ECM

60 Rated Fusion Core

9 X Heat Sinks