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The Sabaku Kaze heavy scout hovercraft is a capable vanguard and skirmish vehicle fielded by the Draconis combine. In performance it is favorably comparable to the more universally used Zephyr. It's tough enough to take a hit and fast enough to avoid many. It's best taken out with standoff weapons before it can close to brawling range with it's six lasers and twin SRM.

Variants Tag(s) Weight


Class Movement


Total Armor Value


Internal Structure

(Per Location)

Weapons Ammunition Salvageable Equipment Vehicle Model
Sabaku Kaze 40 Medium 9-14 680 25 4 X Medium Laser Intek +

2 X SRM-4 Holly

2 X Small Laser Intek

1 X SRM Inferno 215 Rated Fusion Core

2 X Heat Sink

SLDF Drone