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1.3.2 Flashpoint


996 Patch 4

Persistent Map

Online WAR!!


  • All factions are at war with each other.
  • Planets offer contracts from the owner of the planet, locals and each bordering faction.
  • Doing contracts for a faction raises their percentage of control and lower the percentage of the others.
  • The faction with the most control owns the planet.
  • If you get high rep with factions they offer you priority contracts that pay better and lead you to currently contested planets.
  • The amount of % a contract moves the control is based on skulls, negotiated rep and bordering planets. Each half skull earns 2% of control.

Online Economy

  • All not picked salvage goes into faction inventory for employer.
  • All sold items go into faction inventory of the planet owner.
  • Every 30 minutes a new shop is generated from the inventory.
  • A bought item is removed from the shop of that faction for EVERY Player (Only one can buy the item).
  • The more of one is in inventory the cheaper it will be.
  • The more of one is in inventory the more likely it will appear in shop and the more of it will be in there.
  • MRB rep shops still work the same.

How Does it work

  • Whenever the game updates the map it makes a request to the Roguetech server and updates your local map based on the current state of the war.
  • After each mission your computer send the result of the mission to the server and that calculates the new map.
  • There is no personal information transferred and no mission result can be tracked back to a certain user.

Want to check the current state of the war effort?

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