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Description[edit | edit source]

A militarized BattleMech version of Achernar's Loader King IndustrialMech, the Roughneck is a low-cost heavy 'Mech intended for price conscious buyers such as planetary militias and down-on-their-luck mercenary units.

During the massive expansion in production to recoup the horrendous losses suffered during the initial Clan Invasion of 3049, while for the most part Achernar focused on its existing lines for designs such as the Enforcer, Dervish and Locust, one lead designer suggested the radical idea of transforming the company's popular competitor to Sitwell Corporation's Powerman into a true BattleMech. Despite the Loader King's superb reputation for taking a beating, many balked at overhauling the design with BattleMech-grade components and only the belief of the lead designer, and if rumors are to be believed a spot of blackmail against Achernar's CEO, got the Roughneck into production.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Name Signature FACTIONS (3039+) Weight Class Hardpoints
RGH-7S 65 HEAVY 4B 3E 2M 2S 6JJ
RGH-3A 65 HEAVY 0B 7E 0M 1S 6JJ
RGH-1C 65 HEAVY 3B 0E 3M 2S 6JJ
RGH-1B 65 HEAVY 3B 1E 2M 2S 6JJ
RGH-1A 65 HEAVY 4B 1E 1M 2S 6JJ
RGH-1P 65 HEAVY 4B 1E 1M 2S 6JJ