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Randal Advanced Tactical's Izula* is not a very impressive tank viewed on it's merits. But it is impressively simple and cheap.

Manufacturing one requires only the most basic level of industrialization, and on more developed worlds many of the parts can be bought off the shelf. This means that virtually anyone who is anyone can field these. And out on the periphery any armor is better than none. In keeping with this DIY approach to defense RAT sells the plans and offers technical consultants, but doesn't manufacture the tanks themselves. This business model has been surprisingly successful, allowing them to research and design a line of similar vehicles at different sizes and price points.

The Izula and it's siblings are classic tanks, a main canon, machine guns, and a few rockets.

Variant Tags Tonnage Weight




Total Armor Value


Internal Structure

(Per Location)

Weapons Ammunition Salvageable Equipment Vehicle Model
RAT Candiru Primitive 35 Light 5-8 540 20 1 X IRL-5

1 X Flare Launcher

2 X Rocket Launcher-10

1 X Light Rifle

2 X Machine Gun

1 X Pod-M

1 X Light Rifle

1 X Light Rifle APFSDS 1 X Half MG

ICE Crusader
RAT Izula - 45 Medium 5-8 560 25 1 X IRL5

1 X Flare Launcher

1 X Light Machine Gun Array

1 X Medium Rifle

2 X RL10

1 X Pod-A

1 X Medium Rifle

1 X Medium Rifle APFSDS

1 X Half LMG

RAT Bullet Ant - 50 Medium 4-6 720 30 1 X Heavy Rifle

1 X Machine Gun Array

2 X I-RL5

2 X Rocket Launcher-15

2 X Flare Launcher

1 X Pod-B

1 X Heavy Rifle APFSDS

1 X Heavy Rifle 1 X Half MG

  • Non-Canon vehicles designed for Roguetech.