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With update, 0.9859 RogueTech began adding crappy mechs and, hardware that act rather unpredictable and are exclusively tied to "P" mechs. There will be a "P" mech for every chassis.

These have been inspired by Nemgard on Discord.

The intention is to have 1 or 2 Jury Rigged weapons which are cheap but aren't working right for every gun.

Pirate battlemechs are also in a generally bad condition.

Mechs from the pirate factions usually have a trade off, lots of rigging and modifying leads to accidents.

Signature Weight Class Hardpoints Current Quirks


20 Light 2B 4E 0M 0S 8JJ Pirate's Bane

-Gain Entrenched on Normal Move.

LCT-0P 20 Light 2B 0E 0M 0S 8JJ Primitive Design

-20% Walk/Sprint

LCT-P 20 Light 2B 1E 0M 3S 8JJ "Backstabber"

+50% MG Damage

+2 MG Accuracy

-1 MG Recoil

COM-P 25 Light 0B 1E 3M 2S 8JJ -
UM-P 30 Light 2B 1E 2M 1S 8JJ -
LCT-LR-P 35 Light 0B 4E 2M 5S 8JJ -


35 Light 1B 3E 2M 7S 8JJ "Devilish"

- Improved AC Range




35 Light 0B 6E 0M 5S 8JJ "Prototype Flamer"

+50% Flamer Damage

+50% Flamer Heat Damage

2X Flamer Heat Generation

PNT-P (EX MORTIS) 40 Light 4B 4E 1M 4S 8JJ Hail to the King

- Double Barreled AC20.

VND-P 45 Medium 0B 5E 1M 3S 8JJ -
CN9-P 50 Medium 1B 2E 2M 2S 8JJ -
BSW-P 55 Medium 3B 4E 10M 2S 7JJ Smokey's Special

- Increased Heat Damage.

DRG-P (Pirate) 60 Heavy 2B 2E 2M 4S 6JJ "Pyro"

+2 Heat Damage per shot

+50% Heat Damage Dealt

Cannot equip Incendiary Ammo

Cannot equip Inferno Ammo

JM-P 65 Heavy 4B 4E 0M 2S 6JJ -
CPLT-P (Pirate) 65 Heavy 2B 4E 4M 0S 6JJ "Hydra"

+10% Jump Distance

LRM Ammo is "Pirate Special", -Reducing ranges

-90 min range

dealing extra damage and have +1heat damage per missile

Cannot equip Special Missile Ammo

CTF-P (Pirate) 70 Heavy 1B 5E 0M 3S 5JJ "Spikey"

Boosted Melee

Takes Less Melee Damage

Cannot equip Combat Shields

BL-6B-P 75 Heavy 0B 8E 0M 4S 5JJ -
BNC-P 95 Assault 1B 1E 0M 6S 4JJ -
AS7-KR (KRAKEN) 100 Assault 1B 5E 2M 2S 4JJ Kracken

- Increased Laser Damage. (+20% damage)



100 Assault 5B 7E 5M 3S 4JJ "Eldritch Horror"

-3 AC Recoil

+2 AC Accuracy

-15% AC Heat Generated

Cannot equip Arm Weapon Mods

Cannot equip TTS

MAD-P 100 Assault 5B 9E 0M 2S 4JJ -