Pilot Quirks

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The table below provides an overview of the mechwarrior quirks.

Quirk Description
Asassin Decreased XP cost for leveling Gunnery. 10% Called shot Bonus.
Athletic Less Fatigue generated from combat.
Bookish Decreased XP cost for leveling Tactics. Increased XP cost for leveling Guts.
Brave Increase to Panic resistance.
Cautious Pilot has +2 Defense, but suffers a -1 to Accuracy.
Command Experience Bonus XP for every pilot in a lance if a Command Pilot is present.
Comstar Decreased cost for Argo upgrades. +1 MechTech Skill.
Criminal May Occasionally steal a few Cbills for you.
Dependable Decreased chance of ejecting due to panic.
Disgraced Decreased company morale while this pilot is around.
Dishonest Causes different types of mischief every month.
Drunk When Fatigued: +1 to-hit, -1 evasion pips, 100% chance to avoid ejection.
Gladiator Less resolve lost when fatigued and does not get Low Spirits from fatigue.
Honest Increased company morale.
Jinxed Harder for this pilot to hit but also harder to be hit.
Klutz Increased XP cost to level Piloting and a small chance to eject when knocked down.
LosTech Increased chance to hit when using LosTech weapons.
Lucky Reduced chance to suffer wounds in combat.
Mechwarrior Moderate bonus to starting XP.
Merchant Discount to buying items at shops.
Military Small bonus to starting XP.
Naive Reduced XP gained from combat.
Noble Mood changes based upon funding.
Officer Increased Resolve per turn if an Officer is in the lance.
Rebellious Reduced Resolve when in combat with an Officer or the Company Commander.
Reckless Increased chance to hit in combat while being easier to be hit by the enemy.
Spacer Pilot has 20% reduced injury times.
Tech Increased +1 MechTech Skill.
Unstable Pilot's mood changes every day.
Wealthy Pilot generates extra fatigue per mission and has no maximum fatigue days. -50% salary per month.
Commander Increased Resolve per turn if an Officer or Commander is in the lance.