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Experiencing massive slowdowns?[edit | edit source]

Advice for slowdowns from a 9700k + 64Gb + RTX2080 user who was still getting slowdowns:

1. turn off vsync in btech settings and turn on "fast" vsync in nvidia control panel

2. add battletech folder to exclusion list for windows defender

3. add battletech.exe process to exclusion list for windows defender

4. make sure you use crystal clear when it installs roguetech went from 100% utilization of my gpu and 8fps min to 20% utilization and smooth 60fps

Process Lasso[edit | edit source]

Get process lasso ( only needs free version)

  1. Make sure it autostarts
  2. Launch RT, then in project lasso, right-click Battletech.exe and set the following:
    1. Priority Class>Always>High
    2. CPU Affinity>Always>Deselect CPUs 0 and 1
    3. IO Priority>Always>High

This should fix most stutters according to many users

Pagefile[edit | edit source]

Make sure you have a pagefile similar or larger (1 to 1.5 the size) then your physical ram on your fastest drive

Please follow this guide on how to change your windows pagefile size (

Borderless Window Mode[edit | edit source]

To play in full screen borderless window mode,

  1. Set your in game video options to WINDOWED, and resolution to your desktop resolution.
  2. Exit the game.
  3. Now add -popupwindow to the battletech launch options,
  4. and if you're getting it on the wrong monitor, add -adapter N where N = your monitor number - 1, so monitor 1 is 0, 2 is 1, etc.

GFX Controls[edit | edit source]

Set vsync to fast and go max performance options in either nVidia control panel or AMD control panel