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Phoenix Hawk
Phoenix Hawk
Phoenix Hawk
45-50 / 80
Medium / Assault

Description[edit | edit source]

First introduced by the Terran Hegemony in 2568, the Phoenix Hawk was one of the most well known BattleMechs in the Inner Sphere. The 'Mech began life when Orguss Industries realized that it could reinforce the Stinger chassis to create a larger version, one with the same speed and maneuverability as the Stinger but with superior armor, firepower and electronics. Though not without its own drawbacks, the Phoenix Hawk quickly became the standard by which all other reconnaissance 'Mechs were measured.

Originally a staple of the Star League Defense Force, Phoenix Hawks remained common within the armies of the Successor States after the fall of the Star League. At first Phoenix Hawks were grouped together to form powerful recon lances, but as they started reaching their various deployments, their full potential as command 'Mechs was discovered and many were reassigned to instead lead units of smaller recon 'Mechs. By the middle of the thirty-first century the Phoenix Hawk was still in production at factories on Keystone, New Avalon, Coventry, Jarett and Satalice. Its commonality made it an early candidate for the use of recovered lostech following the Helm Memory Core recovery, and a variety of upgraded variants were produced in time for the Clan Invasion.

When Vicore Industries began peddling its Project Phoenix concept, they had trouble even arranging a meeting with Ceres Metals about upgrading the Phoenix Hawk, until General Motors agreed to contact them on their behalf. What followed were several months of negotiations, concluding with an agreement for Ceres to build the new PXH-4L Phoenix Hawk on St. Ives in exchange for technical assistance retooling their BJ-3 Blackjack production line. The Capellan Confederation, impressed with what they saw in these new Phoenix Hawks, acquired the first run when they stepped off the production lines in late 3066 and assigned them to front-line units; their job was to work alongside RVN-4L Ravens in a support role. New variants based on this updated 'Mech soon found their way into the hands of other users, including ComStar and the World of Blake

Variants[edit | edit source]

Name Signature FACTIONS (3039+) Weight Class Hardpoints Current Quirks
PXH-1K 45 MEDIUM 0B 4E 0M 2S 8JJ
PXH-1 45 MEDIUM 2B 4E 0M 2S 8JJ
PXH-1D 45 MEDIUM 2B 4E 0M 2S 8JJ
PXH-1C 45 MEDIUM 3B 6E 0M 3S 8JJ SLDF Royal

-5% heat generated

-6 heat per turn

PXH-HK3 50 MEDIUM 3B 6E 0M 3S 8JJ SLDF Royal

-5% heat generated

-6 heat per turn

PXH-1GS 45 MEDIUM 0B 4E 0M 2S 8JJ .
PXH-HK5 55 MEDIUM 11B 13E 13M 11S 7JJ Phoenix LAM

- Improved DFA and DR

PXH-1B 45 MEDIUM 3B 6E 0M 3S 8JJ SLDF Royal

-5% heat generated

-6 heat per turn

PXH-IIC 80 ASSAULT 12B 13E 12M 11S 5JJ Clan Phoenix Hawk -

Chassis has Improved Jump Distance and Melee Bonus