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Outworlds Alliance
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Outworlds Alliance
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The Outworlds Alliance is a major Periphery power located spinward of Terra and the Inner Sphere, bordering both the Draconis Combine and the Federated Suns. This region of space has also been called the "Outer Sphere".

At some point around 3025, the crest of the Outworlds Alliance apparently changed. The 1987 boardgame The Succession Wars, set in alternatively a 2786 or a 3025 timeframe, was the first BattleTech-themed product to present a crest for the Outworlds Alliance but this was apparently overlooked, and in any case replaced with the starburst crest, for subsequent publications.


Planet 'Mech Name 'Mech Signature Allignment
Alpheratz Cicada CDA-3T Periphery

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