Oberon Confederation

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Oberon Confederation
Oberon Confederation
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Oberon VI

The Oberon Confederation is a Periphery nation, located on the coreward rim of the Lyran Commonwealth near the Draconis Combine and later Free Rasalhague Republic border and thus squarely in the invasion corridor of the initial Clan Invasion. As a periphery realm, it sits on the very fringe of the Inner Sphere's Hyperpulse Generator network. The only known Confederation world to feature a functional HPG was the fairly well industrialized capital world of Oberon VI, which held a class B ComStar station at least until 3045.

Alternating between obscure periphery ministate and outright pirate kingdom at various points in time, the Oberon Confederation never technically ceased to exist as a political entity, except arguably when it was under Clan occupation for a period of thirty-seven years only to reform immediately after the Clans abandoned the area again.

Starters[edit | edit source]

Planet 'Mech Name 'Mech Signature Allignment
Oberon Dragon DRG-P Pirate 

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