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Description[edit | edit source]

The Ostsol was designed as an all-energy-weapon alternative to Ostmann Industries previous heavy BattleMechs, the Ostwar and the Ostroc. However, Ostman Industries was already running at capacity building new Ostroc 'Mech, so rather than cease production on this popular line the company licensed the design to Kong Interstellar Corporation, creators of the popular Black Knight. The first Ostsols walked off the production lines at Kong in 2694 and entered into service with the Star League Defense Force, outfitting various Hussar and Dragoon regiments. Armed with a mix of lasers and requiring little resupply, the Ostsol is nearly impossible to interdict and able to operate independently of supply lines for extended periods of time. A versatile 'Mech, the Ostsol can operate as part of heavy lances in order to provide close-range firepower or lead recon and raiding lances thanks to its fast speed and advanced electronics. In fact an Ostsol is often so integral to its lance and its role so inconspicuous that occasionally its actual contribution to a given fight can be hard to determine.

Sale of Ostsol 'Mechs to Member States of the Star League was allowed in 2752 after an amendment to Council Edict 2650 was passed, increasing its deployment across the Inner Sphere. Production of the 'Mech was halted during the First Succession War when Kong Interstellar's Connaught factories were destroyed - the company could only make certain spare parts from then on - but given the wide distribution of the Ostsol it remained a common sight during the the rest of that period. Eventually Kong was able to team up with Free Worlds League engineers to start refitting these 'Mechs with rediscovered lostech, creating the OTL-5M just in time for the Clan Invasion.

A second renewal to the 'Mech's life came in 3064 when Duke James Sandoval made the mistake of involving the Draconis March in the Combine-Ghost Bear War. His unsanctioned invasion backfired terribly and, with the FedCom Civil War raging, there was no ready source to resupply his depleted forces. Under the Duke's orders, Robinson Standard BattleWorks began searching out older 'Mech designs which could be quickly refitted to modern standards and picked the Ostsol as a good candidate. After securing the design schematics from Kong, RSB began upgrading older Ostsols to the new OTL-6D standard, which were used to replenish units damaged during the invasion. Kong eventually repaired their factories enough to a level where new models could be produced starting in 3065 and new variants have been produced since then.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Name Signature Factions Weight Class Hardpoints
OTL-5M 60 HEAVY 0B 6E 0M 6S 6JJ
OTL-4F 60 HEAVY 0B 4E 0M 4S 6JJ
OTL-4D 60 HEAVY 0B 6E 0M 6S 6JJ