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100 / 150-200
Assault / Super Heavy

Description[edit | edit source]

Manufactured in small numbers by Skobel MechWorks from their facilities in the Russia region of Terra prior to the fall of the Word of Blake, the Omega represented the first truly viable superheavy BattleMech design to appear on the battlefield. Although the Omega was a prototype, almost thirty of the huge 'Mechs were produced by Skobel prior to the Superheavy manufacturing wing of their Russian facility being destroyed during Operation SCOUR. The bulk of these 'Mechs were deployed in and around the Devils Peak command post used for Precentor Martial Cameron St. Jamais' final stand, but some Omegas also saw service around Hilton Head and in Cairo.

Although the concept of a superheavy 'Mech had already been explored by the Terran Hegemony centuries before, it wasn't until the Word of Blake overcame the problems associated with such a massive design that the Omega became viable. Featuring an Endo Steel skeleton larger and bulkier than any seen before, oversized actuators and a new myomer system that involved both larger fibre bundles than standard and the use of hybrid myomers, the Blakists were able to overcome a number of flaws discovered by those who had explored the Superheavy 'Mech concept in the past. The resulting internal structure was far larger than would be viable for any conventional BattleMech, but in the case of the Omega, resulted in a working superheavy design that stood half again as tall as the 100-ton King Crab, from which the designers had evidently taken a number of cues.

The Omega was powered by an extralight Vlar 300 engine, but other than the unusual internal structure, myomers and actuators, featured relatively mundane armor, cockpit and weapon systems. The weight and nature of the Omega as a superheavy design demanded the use of a Heavy Duty Gyro, but even with the added weight from the enhanced gyro the Omega featured a spacious frame for fitting weapons and equipment into, and each Omega boasted an Improved C3 Computer. Wrapped in twenty-seven tons of armour and with the arms and torso areas protected by CASE II, each Omega was a rugged machine capable of weathering huge amounts of fire, and the combination of weapons made it capable of acting as a lethal defense unit and even as a serviceable anti-aircraft platform. However, as might be expected from such a huge 'Mech, the Omega also proved slow and cumbersome, and all of the prototypes produced by Skobel are believed to have been destroyed in action.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Name Signature FACTIONS (3039+) Weight Class Hardpoints
SHP-4X 150 Super Heavy 13B 13E 13M 13S 2JJ
OMG-C 200 Super Heavy 13B 13E 13M 13S 2JJ