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-== WORK IN PROGRESS ==-[edit | edit source]

Full List of Weapons and Quirks[edit | edit source]

List up-to-date as of 20190115, version 0.996 patch7

Weapon Quirks (how things like fall off work)


Work in progress


Old, out of date pages and infomation below. Check if anything needs to be copied over, then delete.

New Gear/Upgrades

Electronic Warfare Suite

While ECM doesn't work with the engine not letting passives target enemies, i made this stopgap, just like capella did, that grants jamming like bonus to the mech it is on as well as accuracy and sensor range

Grants several buffs: +2 to be hit, +1 Missile to be hit, +10% Sensordistance, Accuracy+1, Signature -35%

(Once we get auras working these will be drastically reworked)

Null Signature System

Another stopgap of the Confederation Capella, massively reduces the signature of a mech but increases it's internal heat generation, improves defense and works best when not moving

Grants several effects: Bullwark, +1 to be hit, -45% Signature, +20% Heat generated  

Partial Wings (by Callyste)

The Partial wing system gives increased jump distance and improved cooling capacity but are bulky and take up most of the center torso

Advanced Materials

These provide a progressively improved free tonnage on a mech but can cost as much as a light mech on its own

DNI cockpit

Grants finer control over the mech, giving additional evasive charges, melee  accuracy as well as reduced dfa self damage

Buffs granted: -10% Damage Taken, +1 Melee accuracy, -15% DFA self damage, 10 Less stability damage taken

SLIC Cockpit

Improves several aspects (heat, injury, sight) very slightly

Buffs granted:+1Morale gained, +1Health, 20% Spotter and Sensors distance

Improved JumpJets

They exchange 50% more weight for 10% increased jump distance


Supercharges your engine output increasing speed

Buffs granted: 40% walk distance, 15% sprint distance, 15% Heat generated

Triple Strength Myomer

Grants a slight melee damage and movement buff, but wont stack beyond 6

+3% Melee damage and +2% sprint distance

PPC Capacitator

A capacitator added to any PPC style weapon increases damage output but also heat

+15%PPC Damage/+20% PPC heat generated

Advanced Targeting Computer

This system slightly improves accuracy, recoil, min range, indirect fire and called shot, at the cost of your cockpit mods

Buffs granted: Breaching Shot, +1 Accuracy, -1 refire penaltys

Intek Improved Indirect Fire System

A TTS that adds 1 to 3 accuracy bonus on indirect fire

It follows RT rules for tts and cannot stack with itself, but with others of its kind

UltraLight Gyroscope

A ultralight gyroscope that is less efficient but gives alot of free space

-3 Tons, -10% UnsteadyThreshhold, +20% Stability Damage taken

Samurai Heavy Duty Gyro

A heavy gyro providing several benefits but using up all space in center torso

Provides +20% stability, -20% stability damage taken and +2 penalty to all MELEE attacks against this unit.

Spiked Armour Plating

A solaris invention of reinforced spikes

Grants: -3% Melee damage taken,+2% Melee Damage, stack limit 10

Combat Shield

Solaris born Reinforced armour plating

Come in 3 sizes

  • Small: -5% Damage Taken, -10% Jump Distance
  • Medium: -10% Damage Taken, -15% Jump Distance
  • Large: -15% Damage Taken, -20% Jump Distance


A Laser Anti Missile system that reduces incoming missile damage but generates constant heat (cant make a real ams so this is it for now)

Reflective Coating

An armor upgrade that has no weight and is somewhat expensive but gives resistance to energy weapons but take more damage from missiles and ballistics

Reactive Plating

An armor upgrade without weight that reduces incoming ballistics and missile damage at cost of increased energy damage

Melee Upgrades

Cargo Grip

Industrial mechs use arm-mounted Cargo Grips to shift crates, construction materials and other large, heavy objects. Though lacking the speed and precision of a military hand actuator their wide and secure grasp can prove useful in melee grappling, even lifting smaller mechs clean off the ground.

Excavator Claw

Industrial mechs use arm-mounted Excavator Claws to dig, scoop and crush soil or loose aggregate. Though lacking the speed and precision of military hand actuators these can exert prodigious force in melee combat.


Leg Actuators that grant a buff to Melee and DFA

Grants: +20 Melee&DFA Damage, +1 Melee&DFA Accuracy

One per leg


Upgraded Hand actuators that grant increased melee accuracy and damage

+20 Melee damage + 1 Melee Accuracy

One per Arm

Weapon Rebalance

All Vanilla weapons are Rebalanced

All rebalancing is subject to further rebalancing, 'cause this mod crew adjusts things daily.

  • ALL support have been moved to their proper category, they will not shoot in melee.
  • Loads of new support weapons added. Jackhammers, Mining drills, power armor weaponry, and much more!
  • Short ranges(half of optimal range in mechbay) on everything, penalty for medium range, max ranges beyond long range at higher difficulty
  • Stability for every weapon--1 stab per 4 damage (doing fractions) lasers 1 per 6
  • Stability damage is now closer to tabletop for "damage taken" piloting rolls. Every time a mech is unstable and gets shot at, a 30% chance for knockdown with each hit. Yes, you can fall down from a miss at this point. Piloting skills improve the chance of staying up if they're the one getting shot at. (2% better chance per level)
  • LRM clustering reduced--can still cluster on heads with some luck. Damage reduced slightly.
  • Large Lasers and PPC's-- increased damage.
  • PPC's have recoil.
  • Pulse weapon ignore 2 Evasion pips and have +1 accuracy--this is "Pulse Accuracy"
  • Streak weapons are +2 accuracy +2 evasion ignore this is "Streak" bonus text
  • Adds a tier3 PPC, ERPPC got the PPC debuff HBS forgot
  • Gauss--now in three flavors! Light, normal and Heavy. (Will use different sizes of ammo, but for now uses one size until patched.)
  • AC's--20% reduced heat, accuracy bonus replaced with increased range, and evasion ignore for higher tier
  • All +Stability modifiers are now a multiplier--not a straight addition
  • All flamers generate heat on the shooter's mech--ammo has been removed.
  • Heat weapons deal bonus damage against vehicles, turrets and buildings (Add the heat damage as normal damage vs. these targets)
  • Variable Damage--You'll see this on pirate weapons often. Damage will be higher or lower than the amount stated on the weapon, with a minimum/maximum. (On some weapons is "inbetween +/- this value")
  • Range Variance denotes that this weapons deals less damage the further you are from your target
  • ER Weapons--Slight damage bonus with slightly increased heat.