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Weapon Quirks


Mech Rifles

Energy Weapons


Support Weapons

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Prometheus +++ Flamer

The Heaviest of all flamers, dealing respectable damage and heat, additionally no flamer needs ammo, to balance this, they generate incremental more heat per flamer size

Heavy Machine Gun

A heavier machine gun that weights twice as much but deals increased damage

Light Machine Gun

Deals less damage but has greatly increased range.

Machine Gun Arrays

Multiple machine machine guns synced to fire together. An array only takes up one hardpoint.

Plasma Cannon

A experimental weapon that is a mix between a PPC, Gauss rifle and Flamer

It has a massive hit, high heat damage, limited ammo and accuracy penalty

It uses Gauss ammo and applies a stacking debuff increasing heat generation

Thunderbolt Missiles

Unlike it's counterpart the LRM the thunderbolt fires a single big missile, that trades damage to a single location for reduced range and more size

(uses ac ammo, because ammo is hardcoded and nobody found a workaround)

Ultra Autocannon 2-20

Slightly heavy and larger AC's with doubled rate of fire, since these are still prototypes, they have a bit more heat, recoil and reduced damage

Rotary AC 2+5

The rotary trades range, weight, size, heat and recoil, for 4 times the rate of fire

Rocket Launcher 5-20

Your cheap throwaway missile, one salvo per mission, nothing more

Haywire Missile

Limited ammo srm type weapon that scrambles and cripples a Battlemech

Adds a variety of stacking debuffs: -1 accuracy/2turn, -10% runspeed/2turns, 10% heatgenerated/2turns

Narc Missile

Limited ammo srm type that fires a single narc beacon, making missiles almost definitively hit the target (unfortunately a generic to hit mod, since you cant restrict to weapontype)

Target receives a debuff making it easier to hit by +2/3turns

Does not Stack


A simple target Aquisition gear that lets you paint a target for your lance

Debuff making target easier to hit by +1/2turn

Does not Stack

Streak SRM's

While not having the fire prevention mechanic, these upgraded srm's have massively increased accuracy and the capacity to ignore some of a targets movement

Light PPC

A Draconis Combine development this weapon was designed to replace medium laser batterys and bring a bit more range to againg smaller mech's

Heavy PPC

Another Kurita weapon, a heavier PPC that deals massive damage and has a higher accuracy debuff

Rifles L/M/H

Another typical Periphery weapon and for merc's short on cash, the rifle is basically a tank cannon of 24th century terran landwarfare adapted to be used on a Battlemech

Cheap and easy to maintain and lightweight, they deal 2/3 damage of an equivalent AutoCannon and produce only half their heat as well as lack any crit modifers

Gear/Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Electronic Warfare Suite

While ECM doesn't work with the engine not letting passives target enemies, i made this stopgap, just like capella did, that grants jamming like bonus to the mech it is on as well as accuracy and sensor range

Grants several buffs: +2 to be hit, +1 Missile to be hit, +10% Sensordistance, Accuracy+1, Signature -35%

(Once we get auras working these will be drastically reworked)

Null Signature System

Another stopgap of the Confederation Capella, massively reduces the signature of a mech but increases it's internal heat generation, improves defense and works best when not moving

Grants several effects: Bullwark, +1 to be hit, -45% Signature, +20% Heat generated  

Partial Wings (by Callyste)

The Partial wing system gives increased jump distance and improved cooling capacity but are bulky and take up most of the center torso

Advanced Materials 1-3

These provide a progressively improved free tonnage on a mech but can cost as much as a light mech on its own

DNI cockpit

Grants finer control over the mech, giving additional evasive charges, melee  accuracy as well as reduced dfa self damage

Buffs granted: -10% Damage Taken, +1 Melee accuracy, -15% DFA self damage, 10 Less stability damage taken

SLIC Cockpit

Improves several aspects (heat, injury, sight) very slightly

Buffs granted:+1Morale gained, +1Health, 20% Spotter and Sensors distance

Improved JumpJets

They exchange 50% more weight for 10% increased jump distance


Supercharges your engine output increasing speed

Buffs granted: 40% walk distance, 15% sprint distance, 15% Heat generated


Grants a slight melee damage and movement buff, but wont stack beyond 6

+3% Melee damage and +2% sprint distance

PPC Capacitator

A capacitator added to any PPC style weapon increases damage output but also heat

+15%PPC Damage/+20% PPC heat generated

Advanced Targeting Computer

This system slightly improves accuracy, recoil, min range, indirect fire and called shot, at the cost of your cockpit mods

Buffs granted: Breaching Shot, +1 Accuracy, -1 refire penaltys

Intek Improved Indirect Fire System

A TTS that adds 1 to 3 accuracy bonus on indirect fire

It follows RT rules for tts and cannot stack with itself, but with others of its kind

UltraLight Gyroscope

A ultralight gyroscope that is less efficient but gives alot of free space

-3 Tons, -10% UnsteadyThreshhold, +20% Stability Damage taken

Samurai Heavy Duty Gyro

A heavy gyro providing several benefits but using up all space in center torso

Provides +20% stability, -20% stability damage taken and +2 penalty to all MELEE attacks against this unit.

Spiked Armour Plating

A solaris invention of reinforced spikes

Grants: -3% Melee damage taken,+2% Melee Damage, stack limit 10

Combat Shield

Solaris born Reinforced armour plating

Come in 3 sizes

Small: -5% Damage Taken, -10% Jump Distance

Medium: -10% Damage Taken, -15% Jump Distance

Large: -15% Damage Taken, -20% Jump Distance


A Laser Anti Missile system that reduces incoming missile damage but generates constant heat (cant make a real ams so this is it for now)

Reflective Coating

An armor upgrade that has no weight and is somewhat expensive but gives resistance to energy weapons but take more damage from missiles and ballistics

Reactive Plating

An armor upgrade without weight that reduces incoming ballistics and missile damage at cost of increased energy damage

Melee weapons[edit | edit source]


Agricultural mechs use arm-mounted Chainsaws to fell trees and harvest timber. In an emergency 

these giant saws can be used against mechs in melee combat. Like all 

Industrial weapons, Chainsaws suffer a small inherant penalty to hit.


Agricultural mechs use rotary Cultivators to plough soil, breaking up rocks and tree

stumps as they go. In an emergency, the rotating blades of these can be

used for melee combat. Like all industrial weapons, the Cultivator 

suffers a small inherant penalty to hit.

Mining Drill

Mining mechs use arm-mounted Drills to excavate tunnels and extract ore. In an

emergency, these heavy-duty drills can be used against mechs in melee 

combat. Like all Industrial weapons the Mining Drill suffers a small 

inherant penalty to hit.


Mining and construction mechs use Jackhammers to break apart rock or concrete. In 

an emergency, these powered hammers can be used against mechs in melee 

combat. Like all Industrial weapons the Jackhammer suffers a small 

inherant penalty to hit.

Plasma Torch

Construction and engineering mechs use Plasma Torches to cut and weld metal. In an 

emergency these high-temperature jets can be used against mechs in melee

combat. Like all Industrial weapons, Plasma Cutters suffer a small 

inherant penalty to hit.

Arc Welder

Construction and engineering mechs use Arc Welders to join metal parts. In an emergency 

these high-temperature electric arcs can be used against mechs in melee 

combat. Like all Industrial weapons, Arc Welders suffer a small inherent

penalty to hit.

Plasma Lance

A Military Grade upgrade of the Plasma torch designed to punch straight through weak spots in the armour at point blank range

Grants additional Melee Damage


A solaris upgraded chainsaw with super advanced materials to create a bloody good show

Grants additional Melee accuracy


Another upgraded industrial equipment for use in the arenas

Grants increased melee stability damage

Melee Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Cargo Grip

Industrial mechs use arm-mounted Cargo Grips to shift crates, construction materials and other large, heavy objects. Though lacking the speed and precision of a military hand actuator their wide and secure grasp can prove useful in melee grappling, even lifting smaller mechs clean off the ground.

Excavator Claw

Industrial mechs use arm-mounted Excavator Claws to dig, scoop and crush soil or loose aggregate. Though lacking the speed and precision of military hand actuators these can exert prodigious force in melee combat.


Leg Actuators that grant a buff to Melee and DFA

Grants: +20 Melee&DFA Damage, +1 Melee&DFA Accuracy

One per leg


Upgraded Hand actuators that grant increased melee accuracy and damage

+20 Melee damage + 1 Melee Accuracy

One per Arm

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