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The S configuration is made for urban combat. The 'Mech has six highly accurate Medium Pulse Lasers. For use against soft targets, the Nova S has four Machine Guns. For added protection from missile attacks, the 'Mech has an Anti-Missile System. It also carries an Active Probe to detect any hidden enemy units.

Name Signature FACTIONS (3039+) Weight Class Hardpoints Current Quirks
NVA-Prime 50 MEDIUM 6B 15E 4M 7S 8JJ "Clan Mech"

125% Spotter distance

125% Sensor distance

+1 Accuracy with ranged weapons

-2 Accuracy with melee.

-2 Accuracy with DFA

Not able to equip melee weapons.

Firepower: 352 DMG, 62 Stab.
Heat: 84 Heatsinking, 120 Alpha strike, 10 Jump, 100 Shutdown
Movement: 235 /10 hex Sprint, 140 /6 hex Walk, 180 Jump, 8 TT
Range: 460 max, 152 Opt
Durability: 416 Structure, 800 armour, 100% stab def, 55 dfa self
Melee: 50 Base DMG, -22 Quirk, 28 Total Dmg, Stab. 14, 110 DFA