Merc Deployments (Outdated/Archived)

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MercDeployments[edit | edit source]

[edit | edit source]

  • Changes Travel contracts to deployments.
  • Deployments start with the arrival at the Contract System.
  • Deployments go on for multiple months.
  • While on a Deployment you will get paid monthly.
  • Each day on Deployment has a chance to spawn a new mission.
  • While a mission is available time is frozen.
  • You will earn salvage but not pay for each mission.
  • After completing the mission time is unfrozen again.
  • If you leave the planet before the Deployment is over you will lose a huge amount of Rep with the Faction and the MRB.
  • When the Deployment time is over you get notified and are free again to take a new Deployment or normal Mission.

Settings[edit | edit source]

  • MissionChancePerDay | float | default 0.1 | Chance 0 = 0% 1 = 100% to spawn a mission each day, while on deployment.
  • DeploymentSalaryMultiplier | float | default 4 | The multiplier a Deployment pays more than a normal mission of same difficulty.
  • MaxMonth | int | default 6 | The maximum amount of months a Deployment can go on for.
  • DeploymentBreakRepCost | int | default -30 | The Reputation amount you will lose if you break a deployment.
  • DeploymentBreakMRBRepCost | int | default -50 | The MRB-Rating amount you will lose if you break a deployment