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Description[edit | edit source]


The Mongoose BattleMech was introduced in 2660 as a deep recon 'Mech and a direct competitor (and hopeful replacement) for the Locust. As the 'Mech reached Star League Defense Force units though, it was found that the Beagle Active Probe on the Mongoose gave it extremely good command and control features that endeared it to light 'Mech command lances. Within eight years of its introduction the Mongoose was the standard command 'Mech for all light and recon lances. Due to its advanced electronics the Mongoose was capable of coordinating the maneuverings of an entire company of light 'Mechs and at the same time could engage medium 'Mechs with some success thanks to its weaponry and armoring.

Its popularity ensured that the Mongoose had a target on its back after the dissolution of the Star League. The start of the Succession Wars went poorly for the Mongoose when its factory on Ozawa was destroyed in 2837. The loss of the factory meant the 'Mech was already becoming a rarity by the Second Succession War and with many of its components now lostech surviving Mongooses were forced to make due with inferior spare parts. This was especially true for the Beagle Active Probe, and by the end of the Succession Wars not a single operational Mongoose serving the Great Houses had a functioning example. This trend was reversed with the recovery of the Helm Memory Core and many Mongooses were rebuilt to their former glory. ComStar was also revealed to have kept many Mongooses in their secret storage facilities which they used to outfit the Com Guards. Diplan 'MechYards eventually restarted Mongoose production from their factory on Aix-la-Chapelle and the design would continue to see use for years to come, including during the Jihad.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Name Signature Factions Weight Class Hardpoints
MON-66 25 LIGHT 0B 6E 2M 5S 0JJ
MON-66B 25 LIGHT 0B 6E 2M 3S 0JJ
MON-66CG 25 LIGHT 0B 6E 2M 3S 0JJ
MON-66GX 25 LIGHT 0B 5E 2M 3S 0JJ
MON-67 25 LIGHT 0B 6E 2M 3S 0JJ
MON-68 25 LIGHT 0B 6E 2M 3S 0JJ
MON-69 25 LIGHT 0B 6E 2M 3S 0JJ
MON-69K 25 LIGHT 0B 6E 2M 3S 0JJ
MON-70 25 LIGHT 0B 6E 2M 3S 0JJ
MON-76 25 LIGHT 0B 6E 2M 3S 0JJ
MON-86 25 LIGHT 0B 6E 2M 3S 0JJ
MON-90 25 LIGHT 0B 6E 2M 3S 8JJ