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Description[edit | edit source]

Originally an add-on mech collection sub-mod made by community member Khan Eternus to be added to the main roguemech folder, now an optional module built into the RogueTech installer bringing a large collection of new IS and Clan mechs as well containing missing variants for IS and Clan mechs, that are already presented in the game. Many of the new mechs currently reuses old models of other mechs. Some of the mechs in this collection are now also part of the DarkAge module.

Mechs Included:[edit | edit source]

  • Clint/Clint IIC: New cheap recon unit, with the capabilities of a well-armed, low-end medium mech, that if you disregard in a prolonged battle, will come back to bite you. The clan version is more armed and dangerous than its IS variant obviously.
  • Catapult IIC: A few new different IIC catapult variants to make it appear more.
  • Catapult-2/II: 2 Catapult II is a new 70 ton Capellan design mech to serve in indirect fire support role and be test bed for the TSEMP cannon.
  • Dark Crow: New well armed, decently fast 55 ton clan fire support mech armed with different type of double clan autocannons.
  • Deimos: New 85 ton Clan assault Omnimech providing good amount of fire support with different variants having different weapon loadouts and can keep up in speed using MASC equipment.
  • Direstar: The joke build of a DireWolf mech, equipped with 11 clan ERPPC weaponry, but abysmal level of armor.
  • Galahad: New 60 ton IS heavy mech, designed for long range fire support using either Gauss or PPC weaponry.
  • Ghost: New 50 ton IS medium mech designed as a complement to the Griffin mechs using stealth armor and ECM as defense and equipped with energy and missile weapons for brawling.
  • Gotterdammerung: A new 75 ton Lyran mech intended to be replacement for the Thunderbolt mech. A durable brawler mech with a torso mounted cockpit.
  • Grim Reaper: New 55 ton Comstar mech, decently fast, skirmisher/fire support mech provided by different energy and missile weapon loadouts.
  • Highlander/HighlanderIIC: Added few new different variant of the IS Highlander making them more diverse and more chance to meet them. Also now the IIC variant is also presented with 7 variants within this collection all having different kind of loadout for different roles.
  • Hoplite: New 55 ton slow medium IS mech, intended for infantry support, however decently armored can fight its way out of most situation using its firepower.
  • Marshal: Added 3 new variants to the Marshal mech using different loadouts as well to make it appear more.
  • Megas: A Pirate Highlander with a pirate MRM40 weapon system welded into its left torso, however said weapon can shoot more rockets than its normal counterpart can.
  • Mortis: New 75 ton fast deadly close combat IS mech. Using heavy hitter energy weapons and a 5 ton hatchet can easily punch through any armor.
  • Omen: A new 85 ton Assault BattleMech intended to be an all-purpose combat unit with good amount of armor all kinds of weapons.
  • Orion IIC: Several clan version of the venerable IS Orion mech, using superior clan weaponry and equipments.
  • Screamer: A prototype 55 ton LAM unit built as a harasser and quick strike machine.
  • Shadowhawk IIC: Several new clan version of the IS Shadowhawk mech each designed for different roles and equipped with such clan weapons.
  • Stalker 2/II: A new 85 ton IS mech intended to be an upgrade to the venerable Stalker mech design. A slow mech, but designed to take great deal of punishment with 27 tons of hardened armor and built in torso mounted cockpit.
  • Stinger IIC: 2 clan variant of the IS Stinger designed for the same recon role, but with clan equipment.
  • Stormcrow: Added several missing variants of the already included clan Stormcrow, making it show up more with its very different weapon loadouts.
  • Timberwolf: Added 2 missing variants of the famous Timberwolf, one with a more anti-infantry weapon while the other is the society variant, with iATMs and such other superior equipment.
  • Warhammer IIC: Added 12 new variants to the one existing Warhammer IIC mech, each having different weapon loadouts and purposes, however all variants mount impressive amount of deadly clan weaponry.
  • Wraith: New 55 ton IS Skirmisher mech using its fast speed and jumpjets to flank it's targets and deal damage using different energy weapon loadouts.