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Please note: This is not a support forum; please talk to us over on Discord for support; Discord Invite -

Various Issues which are present on the latest release of RogueTech.

IMPORTANT! To help we need the launcher's log when bugs happen on our Discord Server


Pre-Install and Launcher[edit | edit source]

Launcher Fails to Update[edit | edit source]

Couple of reasons:

  • If it fails at downloading
    • You lost connection with the download server (GitHub): Get off wireless, do your best to ensure a stable connection.
    • File/Folder permissions: Ensure the two folders listed have 'Full Access' given to the user 'Everyone'
    • File/Folder permissions: Can also be because of Anti-[Virus/Malware/Spyware] - including Windows Defender/Security: Setup exceptions for your Workspace Cache and your BattleTech folder (the two folder paths shown in the launcher)
  • If it fails at installing
    • Files are being locked by Windows Process: Restart your machine, try again.
    • Cache is corrupt as hell: delete your cache and redownload/install from scratch. (Don't hesitate to submit a ticket - this one is hard to determine)

Game fails to launch roguetech on a first start or a updated setting[edit | edit source]

Restart the launcher, hit update again and launch again Being investigated why some files fail to install

Launcher has issues with updating or launching if there are multiple copies of RTLauncher kicking around, especially older installs.[edit | edit source]

Delete all previous copies of RTLauncher and caches

(Linux) RogueTech for linux requires some extra steps[edit | edit source]

Outlined on the wiki install guide

My save is broken after patching![edit | edit source]

Unless it was announced, it hasn't broken. Likely, there's a missing module from when RogueLauncher blew away your configuration due to a mod patch. Keep a screenshot or log of your settings handy.

Virus Detection[edit | edit source]

Viral.png See above, your definitions are out of date. Use newer/better Anti Virus software.

CAB or other installation failed[edit | edit source]

Please ensure you're running the launcher from outside the default Windows Desktop or Downloads folder. Windows does weird things to these folders and we don't know why Windows does this, other than "because Windows".

Intended and Disabled Features[edit | edit source]

Combat Saves[edit | edit source]

Permanently Disabled - issues with RAM/GameState in vanilla code.

Galaxy at War/Offline Mode[edit | edit source]

Offline mode faction war is unsupported currently, as GaW developer burned out. Please do not report any bugs with contract generation/system ownership in offline mode, we cant fix them.

You can fix most of this issues by flipping "ResetMap": to true in GalaxyAtWar/mod.json. Disable safelaunch, start game, advance time, save, close, revert ResetMap back to false

VTOLs can move off map[edit | edit source]

Intended behavior

Mechbay doesn't work for Vehicles[edit | edit source]

That's why it's called a MECHbay.

Do not use older steam overlay[edit | edit source]

Crashes due to Vanilla

Blackout does not allow Manual Deploy[edit | edit source]

This is intended to preserve mission integrity

Issues with a manual fix[edit | edit source]

If you are on the latest update, run these fixes, and the issue persists, gather logs and make a ticket.

Stuck Mechs on deployment[edit | edit source]

Use Manual Deployment and pick an open, flat spot.

Weapon and Equipment traits and effects (Orange text on card) is missing[edit | edit source]

This happens after a fresh install/update. Restart the game without updating. Caused by Mods being unwrapped/reinitialized after update.

Randomly occurring duplicated defaults or default/fixed equipment making mech invalid[edit | edit source]

Store and ready the mech to fix.

Not being able to hire pilots/pilots don't appear in barracks after hiring[edit | edit source]

Save and reload before hiring to fix

Cannot deploy during first contract[edit | edit source]

Save and reload to fix

Purple/pink Mech models, purple/pink ECM bubbles[edit | edit source]

Shaders failed to initialize, happens randomly, try waiting before pressing begin combat after mission loads

(Linux/Mac) Purple artillery explosions, purple fires[edit | edit source]

Shaders fail to link, select "Old Fire" in the installer

Clicking deploy button does nothing[edit | edit source]

Remove warnings on your mechs. Yes, even the underweight one. Yes, even if you deployed a 1000 times with it.

Mechbay won't open in career[edit | edit source]

Restart your game.

Withdrawing from contracts is not working as intended[edit | edit source]

You can always leave by getting to the evac zone no matter what Sumire says

Soft-lock after mission completion / Game screen only shows background[edit | edit source]

Salvage screen broken from restarting mission. How many times you can safely restart varies between computers, anywhere from never to non-issue. Load a pre-mission save, or better, restart the game.

Weapon panel sometimes doesn't appear when selecting a mech[edit | edit source]

Pressing escape to Deselect and trying again a couple times generally fixes it.

After selecting attack (or moving and being forced into attack) valid targets does not update when changing fire modes (Direct/Indirect/etc.)[edit | edit source]

Deselect attack by clicking anything else (i.e. attack ground), then select attack again. This forces the game to re-evaluate valid targets.

Pilots stats/abilities are broken[edit | edit source]

Do not touch pilots stats while they are fatigued or injured. If you did, retrain pilot (Shift+Click on Skills tab in Barracks) to get skills working again.

Strip Equipment in MechLab prevents installing specialist equipment[edit | edit source]

Manually remove specialist equipment before stripping to avoid issues, or confirm out after the strip and go back in to restore the specialist slots.

Fail to Load Save (System Unicode issue)[edit | edit source]

  • This is a known issue most present due to the installer (and how general Windows OS works) that transforms characters from Unicode/English language to another, which will corrupt certain files and will make it impossible to load in-game.

The error should have something similar to this.

System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: No StarSystemDef entry in 'SystemDefs' with id: 'starsystemdef_Ceará'


Easy way: Change your Windows System language and System Locale/Non-Unicode language to English on installation for RT to properly install.

Complex way: Change starsystem filenames by hand, so that they are the same as the ID inside the file.

Those files are located in the following folder:


The following planet names are known to be bugged when the system language is set to Japanese:

  • Ålborg
  • Ceará
  • Dieudonné
  • Dì-fang
  • Dunklewälderdunklerflüssenschattenwelt (Bob 2789+)
  • Fröislandis
  • Hódmezovásárhely
  • Hè-shì
  • Jápminboddu
  • Jászberény
  • Kirkvåg (Toch Zu 2822+)
  • Köln (FWL)
  • Köln (HL)
  • Köningsberg
  • León
  • Lübeck
  • NewÅlborg
  • Périgueux
  • SabhalMòrOstaig
  • Shui-pào
  • Yàn-huì
Note: Both of this solutions will need to be done in every update.

Manually activated/toggled equipment button not available in combat[edit | edit source]

If you are in 16x10 resolution, try changing to 16x9 and restarting the game.

If the above fix does not work:

  1. Delete your RT cache (NOT! CABCache)
  2. Delete Battletech/Mods folder
  3. Reinstall RT

Disappearing units[edit | edit source]

Revert to earlier save and do not assemble new units from parts and ready from storage at the same time.

Vehicle/Tank/VTOL in Mechbay[edit | edit source]

If a vehicle appears in your mechbay, store and ready to move it to vehicle bay

Buildings collapsing as destroyed when not fully destroyed[edit | edit source]

Use tab to target them. Remnant of another fixed bug, fixed once solution presents itself

Issues with no known fix[edit | edit source]

May crash/lock when alt-tabbing during ModTek load[edit | edit source]

Likely caused by loss of focus suspending operations. Borderless Windowed mode might help with this.

Memory (RAM) usage is high[edit | edit source]

Vanilla code issue, leaks like a sieve. Do not try to run game for hours on end, or else expect crashes.

Pilot portraits staying blue after using sensor lock[edit | edit source]

Mission Control takes a long time[edit | edit source]

Can sometimes take its time to find a drop spot when randomized spawns are enabled

Flashpoints are not dropping second lance[edit | edit source]

Flashpoints are not affected by Mission Control

AMS laser animation sometimes doesn't go away[edit | edit source]

We are sending in ComStar security to arrest it for indecent AMS laser exposure.

Some variant weapons have a name ending in (Deprecated).[edit | edit source]

This is only a bug if you see them in salvage after a mission. Any you have still work. We're changing the way we handle weapon variants. The deprecated ones are being phased out of future versions.

Some pilots gain massive amounts of experience (XP) per contract[edit | edit source]

Most famously Decker. XP integer overflow. Vanilla bug.

Travel contract does a bait and switch sometimes[edit | edit source]

No clue why it happens and logs say nothing.

Loot display for Reward Crates shows junk in 'Rare'[edit | edit source]

The Rare reward still shows up in the list. No idea why it does this.

Enemy Factions List does not list all the enemies[edit | edit source]


Seriously: Everyone hates everyone. End of story. That list isn't actually moddable.

Underweight vehicles are known[edit | edit source]

They are correct, the game just doesnt understand the rules

Vanilla coding issue. No known fix. Just know that everyone hates everyone. Especially Darius, he really hates himself.

Overheat+Knockdown at the same time can cause softlock when done to a player mech[edit | edit source]

Floatie/Combat log damage numbers are incorrect when target has resistance buffs/debuffs in play[edit | edit source]

Torso Mount Cockpit doesn't stop headshots from dealing pilot injuries[edit | edit source]

Engine limitation.

Base armor in paperdoll does not reflect additional armor[edit | edit source]

Armor that provides buffs to armor numbers (i.e. Hardened) does not update the base armor value properly on the paperdoll. Current armor is accurate and will still decrease normally.

"Max Armor" button in Refit screen applies too much/too little armor[edit | edit source]

Caused by equipping a type of armor that modifies armor weight. The game uses the default weight-per-point when deciding how much armor to add, and no one has figured how to change that.

Underweight vehicles[edit | edit source]

They are correct, the game just doesnt understand the rules

Blackout Missions not scaling building HP[edit | edit source]

will be fixed once a solution presents itself

Vehicles with no Turret location can appear to take structure damage when still have armor[edit | edit source]

This is a visual glitch only.

On some Base Destroy missons it may look like your kills doesnt count toward objectives[edit | edit source]

They actually do and objectives will update after you get close to the base and trigger enemy reinforcments. Wander around inside and outside the base to find the reinforcement trigger, it's there somewhere. TIP: If you remember the vanilla map default spawn locaiton, the trigger locations is usually between that and the base.

Mechs on same hex untargetable[edit | edit source]

Mech that falls as a result of minefield explosions could end at the same hex as other mech and become untargetable, cant be fixed unfortunately, use AOE weapons to kill it

Issues we need logs for[edit | edit source]

None! We've fixed what we can!

Fixes in progress[edit | edit source]

Contract named "Scorpion's Nest" is broken and can't be completed[edit | edit source]

Fix being worked on.

Floating Cattlemaster[edit | edit source]

aka: Bessie/CTL

Being above ground is a side effect of its extreme resizing. Need a new model.

Not being able to sprint at start of combat[edit | edit source]

Its being investigated.

Weapons with more than 1 projectile per shot incorrectly[edit | edit source]

Display their damage as only 10% of it's actual value. (HAG, AP Gauss, Pirate RAC etc, For example A HAG30 puts out a total of 150 damage, but displays at 15 on the weapon card.)

Selling Salvage during the salvage screen may lockup the next salvage screen[edit | edit source]

Shift-Clicking salvage to sell may cause lockup. Rare, but possible.

Weirdness with contracts since last patch are known.[edit | edit source]

dz needs some time to dig into it

Urban 'effects' buildings, such as transformer stations, also damage the unit that blew up the building, regardless of distance.[edit | edit source]

Being investigated

SRMs loaded into MMLs are being allowed to fire indirectly[edit | edit source]

Being investigated

Percentages displayed in weapon panel when previewing move orders are not completely accurate, as they do not take into account auras.[edit | edit source]

A fix is in the works.

Knockdowns/Overheating can cause Zombie mechs that are dead, but do not count towards mission completion[edit | edit source]

fixes are in the works.

Floatie/Combat log damage numbers are incorrect when target has resistance buffs/debuffs in play[edit | edit source]

Mechs that shutdown lose in-engine heatsinks and never regain them even after restart[edit | edit source]

Ammo based weapons show a 0 in Mechlab.[edit | edit source]

This is for internal Ammo which they don't have. Fix coming soon.

IFF on mines misbehaving.[edit | edit source]

Fix in progress, Mine IFF currently isn't working, don't walk over them.