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Marauder refit problem[edit | edit source]

Access the Marauder refit screen but the refit overlay (which shows the hardpoints where you drag components onto/off the mech) will not close when work is confirmed or canceled. 

For example, when I refit the mech by, say, adding a heat sink and removing an ammo bin and click confirm, the background changes from the Marauder refit screen to the mech bays but the overlay remains, including the confirmation dialog. Each subsequent click of confirm debits my available funds by the cost of the work I had requested.

If I try and cancel the refit, the background changes from the Marauder refit screen to the mech bays but again, the refit overlay remains. 

When the overlay persists, it prevents me from navigating and interacting with other those screens I am able to reach and the only option is to reload.

Possible Fix-

3 Modders are trying to figure this out.

Workaround -

- Send the mech to storage bring it back again to reset fitting issues.

- Click the confirmation screen once, and the 2nd confirmation screen you can cancel (It prevents double stacking with double price of refitting/repairs)

0 Part Syndrome[edit | edit source]

After collecting all required parts to assemble a Mech, the Mech shows 0 parts, and is unable to be assembled

Possible Fix

- Still investigating

Work Around

  • First, change your mech assembly to a higher value in the options under game settings and difficulty.
  • Now Save and Quit to Desktop.
  • Uninstall RogueTech.
  • Validate your installation.
  • Reinstall the LATEST VERSION of RT.
  • Load your save.
  • Enter a mission.
  • Complete mission with salvage (doesn't matter what it is but grabbing any mech part should work)
  • After mission go back into settings and change to desired mech parts.
  • Save and Quit to desktop.
  • Reload game.

Unable to complete mission if you've chosen 7 or more priority salvage.[edit | edit source]

This can be reproduced 100% of the time on any mission in which you select 7+ items of priority salvage in the mission accept screen.

Steps -

  1. Find a mission that can pay out 7+ priority salvage.
  2. Move the slider so that you are at max salvage, must be 7+ priority. I see this most often with 8 priority salvage.
  3. Complete mission successfully.
  4. Fill in all your priority salvage slots on mission completion screen.

Result -

You can not click 'complete' to move on to the next screen because the UI only is able to display 6 priority salvage slots. There is not a scroll bar, the arrow keys do nothing and dropping an item of salvage onto the bottom of the salvage box just drops it back to inventory.

Possible fix -

Need be done by HBS

Workaround - 

None found so far.

Issue Fixed

Infinite loading screen on 5 Skull Contract Missions[edit | edit source]

Infinite loading with Output log stating Unit Spawner Lance_OpposingForce


EncounterLogic.ContractOverride [LOG] Unit spawner Lance_OpposingForce_1.[1] selected this unit: [mechdef_cicada_CDA-2A] match these tags: [unit_medium, unit_mech] and these excluded tags [unit_urbie, unit_noncombatant]

Possible Fix -

Unknown (3).png

Still trying to find the cause

Workaround -

Anybody having difficulty loading 5 skull contract missions, Set Contract Difficulty Variance to 0 in the settings difficulty menu

Issue Fixed