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Various Issues which are present on the latest release of RogueTech.

KNOWN ISSUES - READ THEM![edit | edit source]


- Combat saves are permanently disabled

- If you get stuck at modtek done screen for a longer period, this is an issue of vanilla not initiating properly, try deleting .modtek folder (mostly not rt related)

- Priority contracts randomly fail to load. We cant reproduce why or even get it among the team. Whoever finds a true reproducible commonality please help.

- Randomly occurring duplicated defaults - Store and ready the mech to fix, ultra rare issue - Shops populate only after first contract on a planet- is being worked on

- Sometimes there are visible health bars on remains, This is a vanilla bug and causes no real issues

- Not being able to hire pilots, company not fully initialized, save and reload or spend xp, yet another vanilla bug

- absence of burned trees on reaching limit - may crash when alt-tabbing during modtek load

- Pilot portraits staying blue after using sensor lock, known issue, cause not found yet

- Cannot deploy during first contract = company not fully initialized = save and reload or spend xp, yet another vanilla bug

- Purple ECM bubbles, shader failed to initialize, rare race condition issue, worked on

- Short Freeze when AI thinks really hard, being investigated

- Colourcoding in Inventory Screen failing

- Valiant doesnt have Textures yet, it was that or a broken bundle, will be fixed in due time

- RogueTech for linux requires some extra steps as outlined on the wiki install guide

- RangeBracket Accuracy modifiers are broken too, is being investigated, they are applying but not yet shown in to hit breakdown

- Targeting VTOLs doesn't work right if they are in the same hex as another unit.

- Narc and TAG fire in melee even though they shouldn't.

- Mission Control can sometimes take its time to find a drop spot

- Custom Localisation for AIM/CAC is WIP, foolproof installation is being worked on

- Bigger Drops/2 Lances Does not work in Skirmish

- Flashpoints are not affected by Mission Control and your second lance will not drop

- 2 Lance drops are not working with 3 way Battles

- Ai being quite wonky with the Massive Battles Option, is being worked on

- When stuck in loading career, enter skimrish mechbay once

- ModTek Injection during 1.7 not auto closing. Just hit enter in the propmt to continue

- To generate all available contracts, open the contracts screen twice

- After upgrading additional lance slots - Safe and reload to properly initialize them

- Unicode issues, Please run BTJsonIDCheck.exe

- Stormcrows are currently broken, please get rid of yours

- Clicking deploy button does nothing: remove warnings on your mechs. Yes, even the underweight one. Yes, even if you deployed a 1000 times with it

- IF you go into career and cant open the mechbay. Restart your game. If that failed, Please make a support ticket over on our discord


I Have a Virus Detection[edit | edit source]


See above, your definitions are out of date

- Use better Anti Virus software

Modded Mechs with own models / Double refit problem[edit | edit source]

Access the Marauder's (or any other modded into mech) refit screen but the refit overlay (which shows the hardpoints where you drag components onto/off the mech) will not close when work is confirmed or canceled.

For example, when I refit the mech by, say, adding a heat sink and removing an ammo bin and click confirm, the background changes from the Marauder refit screen to the mech bays but the overlay remains, including the confirmation dialog. Each subsequent click of confirm debits my available funds by the cost of the work I had requested.

If I try and cancel the refit, the background changes from the Marauder refit screen to the mech bays but again, the refit overlay remains.

When the overlay persists, it prevents me from navigating and interacting with other those screens I am able to reach and the only option is to reload.

Possible Fix -

  • Fix is known, only it needs to be re-ported the mech models themselves to make them as issue free as possible.

Workaround -

  • Click the confirmation screen once, and on the 2nd confirmation screen or subsequent screens you can cancel them with no problems (It prevents double stacking with double price of refitting/repairs).

Steel Beast Crab (FP) - Load failing/Shop breaking/Save game breaking[edit | edit source]

Selling bug from Steel Beast Crab.

The Steel Beast its known to cause problems with RogueTech (and probably other mods). This due to some problems with filenames for that particular mech (existing 2 versions of it, and one with broken formatting within the file) which can cause multiple problems.

Note this is a vanilla problem, if its not fixed, it will probably be forever present (since even having a file replacing it may cause RT to not load, confirmed, one of the modders wasted 16 hours figuring out what was preventing RT to load for him, and it was this).

But the relevant part for this, is to just NOT LOOT IT AT ALL!

Try to evade it like the plague, since it will prevent you from selling anything, and the worst case scenario, save game game corruption.

Pilot Skills[edit | edit source]

Bug when using the pilot skills Warlord and Multi-Target: When you first activate Warlord, Multi-Target is on a 1-turn cool-down, so you can't use it with Warlord. However, when you first activate Multi-Target and then Warlord, you actually can use Multi-Target with Warlord (it still shows the 1-turn cool-down timer, but the skill is still selected).

Percentage Bonus Equipment[edit | edit source]

Equipment that has a percentage bonus, needs to be loaded after the flat bonus equipment due to how the calculations are made.

First all the flat bonus are calculated and only then are the percentage bonus calculated.

No Bonus Starting Gear[edit | edit source]

No bonus starting gear, instead RandomStart gives you a bit better mechs (and heavier) on game start.

Reserves Spawn NPE[edit | edit source]

When reserves spawn, they don't necessarily get OnRoundBeing invoked. This causes NPEs (NullPointException) in the lookup of ActorInit. Protect the ActorInit fetch.



Save Game loading failure[edit | edit source]

Loading a save without restarting the game may fail.

Priority Contracts Failing to load[edit | edit source]

Priority contracts randomly fail to load.

Minefields, Melle attack, and Lethal Damage[edit | edit source]

A short slowdown and hang when meleed through a minefield and taking lethal damage.


None currently.


Its being worked on currently.