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The Ku Wheeled Assault Tank is a medium Clan combat vehicle based on the venerable Turhan APC. In true Clanner fashion they put more guns on it, replacing the infantry bay in the process. Weaponry to rival a medium mech and thick armor, at least by clan vehicle standards, make it a serious threat.

Variant Tag(s) Weight


Class Movement


Total Armor Value


Internal Structure

(Per Location)

Weapons Ammunition Salvageable Equipment Vehicle Model
KU Wheeled Assault Tank Clan 50 Medium 4-6 670 25 1 X Small ER Laser

1 X ER Large Pulse Laser

1 X AC/10

1 X SRM-4 Streak

2 X UAC/10



180 Rated Fusion Core

7 X Heat Sinks

KU IFV Clan - - 7-11 765 - 2 x Magshot

2 X ER Medium Laser

1 X Guardian ECM

330 Rated Fusion Core