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Power Armour

Description[edit | edit source]

The Kanazuchi (Japanese: "hammer") is a Draconis Combine battle armor design, one of the heaviest to come from that realm. It also saw the most trouble getting approved. Development of the suit began in July 3053 as soon as the Raiden reached its prototype stage and its designers began working on a suit which would carry more weapons and armor. Originally it was to be called the "Komodo" but when the popular Komodo BattleMech was introduced that same year the name was changed. Progress proceeded smoothly until the summer of 3054 when DCMS High Command severely reduced the project's budget due to lack of faith in its design. Undeterred, the team continued their work, often with little or no pay, in order to finally reach the prototype stage in November 3055.

Unfortunately the first trials were a disaster for the ungainly suit, weighed down with one ton of armor and a dizzying array of weapons: a medium laser, two small lasers, two SRM-2 racks, a flamer and a submachine gun. Not only was the Kanazuchi slow to move, it was exhausting to wear, and several times its test pilots suffered serious injury from feedback or excessive torque. High Command nearly killed the project again, but the design team had faith in their ability to build a suit which would meet expectations and for the next year worked round-the-clock with no pay on a redesign. When the second prototype was demonstrated before the Coordinator and High Command, it performed well enough to warrant a tripling of the team's budget. Within eighteen months the suit was ready for its final test, when a captured Timber Wolf was brought in to fire its ER PPC at it. While the direct hit virtually destroyed the Kanazuchi, the test pilot inside remained alive and the suit was still functional enough to respond with a couple of shots from its main weapon. Mass production of the suit began in December 3058, although relatively few were built at first. This changed after the Combine-Ghost Bear War and the Kanazuchi soon became a common sight to the citizens of the Combine.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Name Signature Factions Weight Class Hardpoints Special
KZ-1 10 PA 20PA 20JJ