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Description[edit | edit source]

Designed in 2774 as an anti-aircraft platform and long-range fire support unit, the JagerMech was intended to correct several perceived faults of the original Rifleman. Kallon Industries went about reviewing the battlefield performance of the Rifleman and identified three critical flaws: it ran too hot, it was too lightly armored, and it didn't carry enough ammunition. Kallon's engineers built the JagerMech with these issues in mind and while they managed to address the heat and ammunition problems they were unable to increase its armoring despite the larger chassis. In the end the company saw this as less of an issue since, as they noted, the JagerMech is a second-line 'Mech whose long-ranged autocannons allow it to engage many enemies without suffering return fire.

During the Succession Wars the largest numbers of JagerMechs served the Federated Suns and Capellan Confederation, with relatively few found in the other Great Houses. The 'Mech became especially associated with the Suns, not least because its primary factory was located on the moon Talon, and was used extensively by the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns. It was most often used to form fire support lances, working in conjunction with similar 'Mechs like the Dervish and Rifleman, while also being deployed as part of attack and strike lances to provide support for their lancemates. After the Fourth Succession War Kallon contracted out with Independence Weaponry on Quentin to increase production of the JagerMech, but the planet was captured by the Draconis Combine in the War of 3039 and the production line fell under their control. Although the Kuritans were never big fans of the 'Mech it slowly began appearing in large numbers in their armed forces.

Despite its improvements over the original Rifleman it soon became apparent the JagerMech was in desperate need of a redesign to improve survivability on the battlefield. Utilizing lostech which had been discovered in the last few years Kallon was able to build a new variant, the JM6-DD; fortuitously it came into production just months prior to the Clan Invasion. After the Wolf's Dragoons summit on Outreach, First Prince Hanse Davion agreed to share the technical specifications of the JMS-DD with the Kuritans, resulting in these new JagerMechs seeing significant action across the Clans' invasion paths. After the war nearly every regiment in the Draconis Combine and Federated Commonwealth featured new and refitted JagerMechs.

After the FedCom Civil War further development of the JagerMech split along three different lines. The first were simple field refits of the original JM6-DD, such as the H and DG models. The second was a complete overhaul as part of Victor Steiner-Davion's "Redesign for Davion Pride" program, resulting in the JagerMech III. The third was the creation of a divergent line, the JM7 series, built on a slightly heavier chassis. In 3069 the JagerMech factory on Talon was destroyed due to the Jihad, leaving only the Quentin factory to still produce the 'Mech.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Name Signature FACTIONS (3039+) Weight Class Hardpoints Current Quirks
65 HEAVY 2B 2E 4M 2S 6JJ .
65 HEAVY 0B 4E 4M 0S 6JJ .


65 HEAVY 4B 4E 0M 4S 6JJ "UAC5 Testbed"

+1 AC Accuracy

-1 AC Recoil

65 HEAVY 2B 2E 6M 2S 6JJ Command -

+1 Initiative

65 HEAVY 4B 4E 0M 4S 6JJ Command -

+1 Initiative

65 HEAVY 4B 4E 0M 4S 6JJ .


70 HEAVY 4B 4E 1M 2S 5JJ "Flak AC"

Improved AC Ranges

-2 AC Recoil



65 HEAVY 2B 6E 0M 2S 6JJ Firebrand

9 Extra Cooling.

JM6-X 65 HEAVY 2B 2E 4M 2S 6JJ .
JM-IIC 70 HEAVY 13B 11E 11M 11S 5JJ "Clan Mech"

125% Spotter distance

125% Sensor distance

+1 Accuracy with ranged weapons

-2 Accuracy with melee.

-2 Accuracy with DFA

Not able to equip melee weapons.

65 HEAVY 4B 4E 0M 2S 6JJ .