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The Beginners Guide to RogueTech[edit | edit source]

The goal of this guide is to provide an overview of the RogueTech mod and help new players to learn new features and capabilities.

Starting the Career[edit | edit source]

  1. Once you have launched the New Career, you will see a menu with career settings which allows you to tailor the RogueTech experience according to your taste. Hover the mouse button over each specific setting to understand what it is about or read the Settings Guide.
  2. During the career setup you will select a starting planet, which will also influence the mechs that you will get in the beginning of the game. The mechs are pulled randomly from Faction Tables and make each start unique.
  3. After that you will create your character and you are all set to dive into the career mode.

Major Changes[edit | edit source]

Rogue tech introduces some major changes to the core mechanics of the base game, namely:

  • Skill Based Initiative. While in the base game each mech weight class has its own initiative, in RogueTech initiative is defined by Mechwarrior skill, installed equipment and other factors including randomness. To learn more read the corresponding Skill Based Initiative Guide.
  • Low Visibility. Similar to the original game, in RogueTech your mech warriors can spot enemy mechs visually or using sensors, but the mechanics has been vastly expanded to add depth and allow higher decision complexity. Learn more in the corresponding guides:
    • Visibility Guide explains how sight range is calculated to determine which targets are visible and which are not.
    • Electronic Warfare Guide explains key principles of EW in RougueTech as well as how various electronics equipment (Sensors, ECM, Active Probes, Electronic Warfare Suites etc.) works.
  • Large Scale Battles. One of the key major changes of the RogueTech mod are the large maps and the ability for you to field more then 4 mechs - up to 8. In order to do so you need to upgrade your Argo Drop Ship which is covered in the Argo Guide.
  • Accuracy. Accuracy has become more granular as well taking into account additional factors such as heigh difference, angle of attack and more. Learn more in the Accuracy Guide.
  • User Interface has new elements and additional controls which allow to change firing modes, activate equipment and more. Check out the UI Guide for details.

Other Changes[edit | edit source]

New Pilot Skills and Quirks. RogueTech introduces new adjusted passive skill tree, new active skills and working pilot quirks.

Mech Bay. Unlike in the original game, in RogueTech mechs need to be assembled manually and you can assemble mechs from different variants (though at an additional costs). Take a look at the Mech Bay Guide to understand how mech assembly works and what different colours in mech storage indicate.

New Mechs, Vehicles, Weapons and Equipment[edit | edit source]

RogueTech introduces hundreds of pieces of new mechs, vehicles, weapons and equipment:

Other Useful Pages[edit | edit source]

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