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The All In one, this is the intended game experience. The AIO Package includes all required dll's

  • Run Steam/GoG validation of game integrity check Prior to install
  • Please disable Save cloud synchronization for BATTLETECH
  • Run the installer, it autodetects your battletech folder in which it needs to go
  • If you had another mod prior, Check to remove all skirmish saves!
  • If this is your first install, check the BTML install option
  • Start your game

- Check file description and Change Log if you have to do a clean install

- Installer has a option to clean up prior installations

- Installer will delete modtek cache and will take care of most things

Installation[edit | edit source]

To install Roguetech

  • Make sure you have all your windows updates
  • Verify you have .net updates 4.5, 4.7, and 4.7.2
  • Open Steam
  • Disable Cloudsave
  • Download the latest RT version Suitable for your Battletech Version
  • Run the All in One Installer, It auto detects your BATTLETECH FOLDER
  • Select the options you wish to install
  • Ensure that you click First Time Install BTML!
  • Tick all Clean Previous install options
  • Run Battletech; You will see the loading process of the mod
  • Click Career and Start New game
  • Enjoy

Updates[edit | edit source]

To install a Roguetech Update

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