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Please note, youtube guide is from many versions ago, options in installer may not look exactly the same as the one you download.


The Core Installer and Community Asset Bundle(NOT OPTIONAL!), this is the intended game experience. The two packages includes all required dll's

  • Run Steam/GoG validation of game integrity check Prior to install
  • Please disable Save cloud synchronization for BATTLETECH
  • Ensure you're running the proper version/beta version of the game
  • Run the Core installer, it autodetects your battletech folder in which it needs to go
  • If you had another mod prior, Check to remove all skirmish saves!
  • Run the Asset Bundle and ensure it installs to the same directory.
  • If this is your first install, check the BTML install option
  • Start your game

- Check file description and Change Log if you have to do a clean install

- Installer has a option to clean up prior installations

- Installer will delete modtek cache and will take care of most things

Non English System and non-unicode Languages[edit | edit source]

The installer needs the system languages to be set to english in order to function correctly, otherwise unpredictable bugs can happen due to files not being in the expected places.

To change your languages on windows 10:

  • Open control panel
  • Open "Region"
  • Click "Language preferences". A new window will open.
  • Change "Windows display language" to english, close window.
  • Open the "Administrative" tab, click "change system locale.
  • Change to english, close. The computer will ask for a restart.
  • Restart.
  • Carry on with RT install process.


Installation[edit | edit source]

Preliminary[edit | edit source]

Game Version[edit | edit source]

Check which game version you need.
The Steam version required is 1.4

The GOG version required is 1.4

Actually Install The Thing[edit | edit source]

  • Run the Core Installer, It auto detects your BATTLETECH FOLDER
  • Select the options you wish to install
  • Ensure that you click First Time Install BTML!
  • Tick all Clean Previous install options
  • Run the Asset Bundle and ensure it installs to the same directory.
  • Run Battletech; You will see the loading process of the mod
  • Click Career and Start New game
  • Enjoy

Updates[edit | edit source]

To install a Roguetech Update

  • Check that your Battletech version and Roguetech version is Compatible
  • Check the Change Log to see if a Clean Install is required or an asset bundle update.
  • Download Roguetech Core Update located on Nexus
  • Run the Core Installer; It auto detects your BATTLETECH folder
  • Select Options you wish to install
  • Click PATCH BTML option
  • It is recommended that Remove Mods folder option is ticked
  • Clean Install option as required in the Change Log
  • Run the Community Asset Bundle and ensure it installs to the same directory.
  • Run Battletech; you will see the loading menu appear
  • You may continue your save game (Unless otherwise directed by Change Log to start new game)
  • Enjoy

Core Installer Options[edit | edit source]

Details on what the options from the Core Installer do. Its designed to be more modular for the experience of a user.

There is no "intended" option setting for this, but the recommended settings will be pointed out by a [ * ] at the end of the name of an option.

Difficulty Modes[edit | edit source]

Option changes some of the general difficulty scale of the base game.

  • Normal RogueTech * : Even playing field for both AI and Players. No random Cheating involved. Pure gear and pilots stats.
  • Brutal RogueTech : Brutal Mode gives AI a escalating stat bonus to make them more on par with player abilities, adds special Mech variants (Ex. Nuke Urbie or Nurbie) and special contracts, which may or may not be ruthless (Ex. Kobiyashi Maru scenario).
Brutal Mode Introduces a higher degree of masochism difficulty for the player, and its expected to really make things difficult, so not recommended for new players.
While Brutal Mode can be introduced on the middle of a play-thru, it will most likely not be reversible on post-change save-games.

Difficulty Scaling[edit | edit source]

Option which changes Contract Skull difficulty setting on all the systems in-game.

  • Difficulty by Company Rating : Sets the difficulty of contracts to always be on the same scale as your current threat level.
  • Difficulty by Planet Rating * : Sets the difficulty of contracts to depend on the planet's own difficulty scale and each planet have their own difficulty rating, allowing better diversity of loot and contracts.
NOTE: Threat level is calculated by your Tech Level and other stuff, not just your current tonnage.

DLC Modules[edit | edit source]

Continuing with the modular system implemented for RogueTech, the DLC Modules are a way to setup if you have or not the required DLC, and to implement that specific DLCs' modded data.

  • Flashpoint : Adds the DLCs own Mechs into the RT variants and settings. And adds more Flashpoints [WIP] or replaces with RT variants of vanilla FPs.

Choose RogueTech Mode[edit | edit source]

  • Online RogueTech *: DEFAULT. Full Sandbox map which will have dynamic map changes due to your companies war efforts in supporting a faction. Affected globally to every player using this option.
  • Story RogueTech: Vanilla mode without Sandbox or Online map features.

Emblem Options *[edit | edit source]

Doesn't affect much in-game, but adds more variety to the available Emblems for your own Mercenary Group.

You can add your own emblem in-game by adding it to a mod with the correct structure. Look at battletech\Mods\RogueEmblems\ for an example (or just drag and drop it on there). It won't be automatically be added again on a deletion or a recommended update setting.

FX Options[edit | edit source]

Various FX options enabled by various mods from the community (with permission).

  • Commander Portrait Loader  : Adds custom portraits for your own mech pilot. Nexus Link
[WIP 1.3]  Some of the 1.3 update changes made it somewhat unstable if you DON'T change anything on your default commander/pilot appearance, so its recommended to ALWAYS change your appearance and not use default settings with this mod. Also the appearance customizer will be locked after selecting, so the decision is final once done.
[BUG 1.3] Known bug is that the UI for the portrait is somewhat messed up on the creation screen, but it will work properly in-game.
While its possible to add your own commander profile in-game, its better to ask in the Discord or Sub-Reddit for more info on that.
  • Battletech Sound Replacement Pack * : This is a small file that replaces the sound effects of PPCs, ACs and MGs, using MechWarrior 4 sound effects to add to the game. By Highwayleopard Nexus Link
  • Crystal Clear * : Reduces various Post Processing effects to lower the graphical impact in-game.[Customization] Nexus Link
  • Silence : Disables most Ambient Chatter on the Argo and in-game too. [Customization]. Recommended for streamers or people who just tired of the VOs. Nexus Link
  • Coloured Mech Portraits * : Simple adjustment to the mech portraits for adding a colored background to vanilla mechs, coloring divided by Mech Weight Class (Light/Medium/Heavy/Assault). By Armakoir.

Pilot Mods[edit | edit source]

  • Pilot Quirks * : Adds Pilot quirks which will give special stats and certain events which will affect them dynamically.
  • Pilot Fatigue * : Introduces pilot fatigue, making pilots have to rest a short time after missions, but still able to do missions but with lower stats.
  • Reduced Pilot XP gain by Rank * : Self explanatory.

Quality of Life Options[edit | edit source]

  • Shift+Click to change armour by 1 * : Self explanatory.
  • Skip Intro * : Self explanatory.
  • Shopseller * : Use Shift/Ctrl + Click to Buy or Sell in larger quantities.
  • Retrainer * : Spend 5k C-Bills to brainwash retrain your pilots once per play-thru. (Shift+Click on the Skills tab on a pilot, on pilot roster page)
  • Use Mouse 4 as ESC key  : Self explanatory.

Optional Mods and Components[edit | edit source]

A collection of Components and Community mods to customize and add more flavor.

  • Power Armors * : A collection of Power Armors. Little bastards with their own. By LadyAlekto.
  • SuperHeavys * : Oversized Mechs and Tanks, with their own missions to encounter them. By LadyAlekto.
  • Elite Pilots * : Lances and Contracts to face skilled AI pilots. By LadyAlekto.
  • MWO Hero Mechs * : MWO's Custom Mech chassis variants. Mostly the special Hero variants with their own hardpoints and perks. By Spark, Katarina Kerensky and GroxGlitch.
  • WOB LAM's * : Word of Blake's Land-Air-Mechs. By Akodoreign.
  • Totem Mechs * : Powerful and Expensive Mech chassis variants. By Akodoreign.
  • Naga and O-Bakemono * : Artillery focused mechs. By Akodoreign.
  • Clan Jade Falcon Totem Mechs : A collection of Clan Jade Falcon. By Rhynim.
  • Experimental Weapons : A collection of custom mechs and equipment. Not really lore-canon. Balanced for standard RogueTech. By MXMach. [Details]
  • Custom Mech 'n Parts: A collection of custom and equipment. Totally not lore-friendly. By New Age of Power.

Read In-game Settings[edit | edit source]

Continue reading to look into the information about the In-game settings available currently ingame.