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Recent changes have made difficulty options pretty self-explanatory, but if you're still having issues, find us over in Discord's #questions-and-answers channel.

Beginner Suggestions[edit | edit source]

If you found your way here and are still reading, you're likely new to RogueTech and are looking for an easy start to learn the ropes. Here are our recommendations.

Option Beginner
Parts 3 < Only option that cannot be changed after career start
Also most important option for beginners.
Company Type Mercenary
Friendly Fire None
Mech Recovery 100%
Contract Variance 2-4 (each point is half a skull)
Contract Payment Generous
Salvage Generous
Commander Experience 10000
Advanced Mechwarriros Often
Ronin Hire Chance 100%
Pilots Per System 10
Mechwarrior Progression Fast
Mechwarrior Exponent Fast
Mechwarrior Multiplier Fast
Lethality Never
Starting Money 6580000
Mech Bay Speed Fastest
Mech Bay Armor Speed Easy
Mech Bay CBills Cheap
Shop Selling Prices 18%
Scrap Value Returns 18%