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Description[edit | edit source]

Inner Sphere analysts were stumped trying to determine the purpose of the second-line BattleMech they dubbed Vixen after sighting it among the garrison forces of Clan Jade Falcon. The Incubus, as it is known among the Clans, is somewhat expensive for a light garrison 'Mech. This confused Spheroid observers until they understood how important one-on-one duels were in Clan culture and how often they occurred among bored garrison troops. The Incubus is a 'Mech that is often used in such Trials, especially because it is easy to turn off weapons to effectively balance the 'Mech's strength with that of an augmented Elemental. Despite its purpose, the Incubus does occasionally show up in second-line forces that are desperate for equipment.

Following Clan Hell's Horses recapture of Tokasha MechWorks Alpha, and inspired by Clan Diamond Shark's "Phoenix" renovation of older design, the Hell's Horses developed a new version of the venerable design incorporating newer weapons technology to expand their BattleMech strength. Though visually different, the core purpose of the 'Mech remains intact, especially useful given the Horses Elemental heavy-touman. This visually refreshed Incubus also appealed to Clan Ice Hellion who developed their own variant of it, examples of which fell into the hands of Clans Cloud Cobra and Star Adder following the Hellion's ill-fated trade mission to Tanis prior to the Wars of Reaving.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Name Signature FACTIONS (3039+) Weight Class Hardpoints
INC-1 30 LIGHT 5B 8E 3M 4S 8JJ