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Icarus II
Icarus II
Icarus II

Description[edit | edit source]

The Icarus II was the first homegrown BattleMech design to be mass-produced by the Free Worlds League. The Icarus II was actually the third League 'Mech, after the prototype Icarus and the Hector. In 2518, once Corean Enterprises was comfortable with the technology, they went back to the Icarus and upgraded it with jump jets. They felt that it was a substantial enough change that it required adding "II" to the moniker. The last factory producing the Icarus II was destroyed during the First Succession War. Despite that, a handful survived the Succession Wars.

The Icarus II was originally designed as a speedy striker to compliment the Mackie and combat vehicles with a similar speed profile. Though 64 km/h may not sound fast, in the 25th century it was, especially with jump jets that allowed it to leap up to 120 meters. Seven and a half tons of armor was deemed adequate for the job.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Name Signature Factions Weight Class Hardpoints
ICR-2S 40 MEDIUM 3B 6E 2M 6S 10JJ
ICR-2R 40 MEDIUM 3B 6E 2M 6S 10JJ
ICR-2P 40 MEDIUM 3B 6E 2M 6S 10JJ
ICR-1S 40 MEDIUM 3B 6E 2M 6S 10JJ