How Gunnery Affects CTH

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RT makes some changes to accuracy calculations, but the formula is the same as the base code.

The Key Points:[edit | edit source]

  1. The Base CTH Floor is 80%, up from 70%
  2. Gunnery adds 1% to this Base CTH Floor, instead of 2%, but results in the same maximum of 90%
    • The result is that from base gunnery alone, it is actually easier in RT, and maxes out at the same amount
  3. Magic math, hardcoded in vanilla game files
    • These tweaks that RT has done brings the distribution curve of hit rolls closer to CBT - 2d6.
    • This magic math is why you see weird chances like 33.6%

So how does RT create such a vastly different scenario from Base Game?[edit | edit source]

  • More of everything that affects Accuracy
  • Deeper Electronic Warfare complexity
  • Changes to Visibility

Read more about the gameplay changes here.