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AIM is a BattleTech mod that fixes, enhances, and customize your combat experience, such as colored facing rings and targeting lines, tune down roll correction, show distance numbers, or a detailed attack log. The default settings aim to preserve the balance of vanilla game.

This mod does not modify game data. Saves made with this mod on will not be affected by disabling or removing this mod. ALL features can be enabled or disabled individually.

How AIM works

Bug Fixes and HUD Enhancements[edit | edit source]

  • Grey head disease fixed.
  • Line of fire fixed and stylized: Red = Frontal, Dotted = Indirect, Cyan = Flank, Green = Rear.
  • Colored facing ring and floating armour bar.
  • Damaged Structure Display fixed and enhanced.
  • Obstructed fire has a 10% DR and -2 Accuracy penalty applied
  • Multi-Target Back Out fixed.
  • Make sure 0 HP means dead, never zombie.
  • Show heat, instability, distance, and movement numbers.
  • Show ammo count in paper doll hover.
  • Show base hit chance in accuracy modifier popup.
  • Show MechWarrior stats in hover/right-click hint.
  • Post-move to-hit penalties and heat factored in action preview.
  • (Optional) Show Mech Tonnage.
  • (Optional) Show Corrected Hit chance and Called Shot Chance.

Mechanic Enhancements[edit | edit source]

  • Unlock hit chance stepping (make odd Gunnery useful).
  • Called shots cluster around called mech location.
  • Precise hit distribution that improves SRM and MG called shot.
  • More melee modifiers, and fixes the absent of stood up penalty.
  • Flank and rear attack Bonus. Note: For RT the default is Accuracy +1 Flanking and +2 Rear
  • Allow net bonus hit modifiers.
  • Allow negative height modifier.
  • Remove melee position locking.
  • Ammo loader AI that balance ammo usage to minimise explosion.
  • Auto jettison useless ammo.

New Critical Hit System[edit | edit source]

  • Skip criting the dead mechs.
  • Vehicle and turret critical hits.
  • Critical hits follow damage transfer. Note: For RT the default is this disabled
  • Prevent critical hit on locations with intact structure.
  • Give normal crit chance to NPC allies. Enemies adjustable.
  • (Optional) Adjust normal critical hit chances and mix/max cap.
  • (Optional) Allow Through Armour Critical hit (TAC). Note: For RT the default is 55% of Armor remaining
  • (Optional) Allow critical hit re-roll and location transfer. Note: For RT the default is this disabled
  • (Optional) Allow multiple critical hits per weapon. Note: For RT the default is this disabled

Other Adjustables[edit | edit source]

  • Tabular attack log that can be opened directly in Excel.
  • Old attack logs are archived and auto-deleted in background.
  • Adjustable roll correction strength, default halved.
  • Adjustable miss streak breaker. Note: For RT the default is off, no roll fudging
  • Adjustable base hit chances.
  • Adjustable hit chance stepping and min/max cap.
  • Adjustable attack modifier list.
  • Control display precision of hit chance and called shot chance.

More info at the mod's Nexus Mods webpage.