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The Huitzilopochtli, often referred to as the "Huey," is a Clan combat vehicle that was created as a mobile artillery platform. It's reason for existence is a pair of massive Arrow IV missile launchers. It's armor is thin, ostensibly because it is not intended to be anywhere near the front line. This makes the inclusion of significant amounts of direct-fire weaponry slightly odd.

Variant Tag(s) Weight


Class Movement (Hexes) Total Armor Value


Internal Structure

(per Location)

Weapons Ammunition Salvageable Equipment Model
Huitzilopochtli Clan 85 Assualt 2-3 440 45 2 X Arrow IV

1 X AC/5

2 X Machine Gun

1 X Small ER Laser

2 X Medium Pulse Laser

1 X Arrow IV Inferno

2 X Arrow IV


1 X Half MG

2 X UAC-5

Guardian ECM


4 X Heat Sinks

Huitzilopochtli AAA - - - - 620 - 2 X Arrow IV

2 X Machine Gun

2 X HAG-20

4 X Arrow IV

1 X Half MG 4 X HAG

Clan Guardian ECM

Fuel Cell

4 X Heat Sinks