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Description[edit | edit source]

The Hellbringer is a very widespread design developed by Clan Hell's Horses. However, due to its poor armor, the Hellbringer is often passed over for more robust OmniMechs. The Inner Sphere first encountered the Hellbringer facing Clan Jade Falcon, which favors the design for its immense offensive potential. Earning the codename Loki by Galen Cox, an AFFC officer who declared each of the Hellbringer's various versions as an "utterly mad configuration," the 'Mech does at first glance appear to be highly unusual, mounting a spread of weapons, anti-personnel equipment and electronics. The Hellbringer utilizes a standard internal structure, and has decent mobility, with a top speed of 86.4 km/h. Though it has vast firepower at its disposal, the design is not particularly durable, mounting a mere eight tons of Standard armor, and the Hellbringer is not particularly suitable for defensive situations or extended engagements.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Tokasha and the loss of Tokasha Mechworks, the Hell's Horses began developing several OmniMechs. Only the Hellbringer met with success. Development time for the Hellbringer was reduced through the use of modules used in the Summoner. Despite the poor armor, the Hellbringer devotes almost 43% of its mass to pods, allowing for great offensive potential. The design spread quickly after its introduction for two reasons: the Horses promptly lost the primary production facility, and used their remaining production to curry favor with other Clans through trade and gifts.

After The Wars of Reaving in Clan Space, the Hellbringer would fall out of favor with the surviving Clans due in part to its association with the Inner Sphere based Clans. The design would be replaced by the Ebon Jaguar in military service of those in Clan Space, with the exception of Clan Coyote which still fields the 'Mech

Variants[edit | edit source]

Name Signature FACTIONS (3039+) Weight Class Hardpoints
HBR-PRIME 65 HEAVY 12B 15E 11M 15S 6JJ
HBR-GP 65 HEAVY 14B 19E 14M 18S 6JJ
HBR-F 65 HEAVY 14B 16E 13M 16S 6JJ
HBR-D 65 HEAVY 17B 23E 17M 22S 6JJ
HBR-E 65 HEAVY 21B 22E 21M 24S 6JJ
HBR-C 65 HEAVY 16B 17E 16M 19S 6JJ
HBR-A 65 HEAVY 15B 15E 13M 16S 6JJ
HBR-B 65 HEAVY 16B 15E 16M 18S 6JJ
HBR-H 65 HEAVY 13B 17E 13M 16S 6JJ