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Visibility Guide[edit | edit source]

This guide explains how visibility works in RogueTech mod.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Visibility in RogueTech is straightforward an enemy mech can be in 3 states:

  • Visible: the target is within visual range and there is Line of Sight (LoS)
  • No visuals: there is LoS to the target but target is outside of visual range. This provides "+5 No Visuals" penalty when shooting at atrget
  • No LoS: target is not visible and cannot be targeted with direct attacks

While Fog of War is calculated from the selected Mech, Fog of War only affects commander's vision, and has no effect on targeting visibility.

Sight Range[edit | edit source]

Visibility (Sight Range) is defined by combination of following factors:

  • Time of day (Lighting)
  • Weather
  • Equipment

Time of Day[edit | edit source]

Time of day defines base visual range which is later modified by other factors.

Base Sight Range Light Tags
15 hexes (450m) bright mood_timeMorning, mood_timeNoon, mood_timeAfternoon, mood_timeDay
11 hexes (330m) dim mood_timeSunrise, mood_timeSunset, mood_timeTwilight
7 hexes (210m) dark mood_timeNight

Weather[edit | edit source]

Weather modifies base range by multiplying it by a certain factor.

Vision Multiplier Tags
x0.7 mood_weatherRain, mood_weatherSnow
x0.5 mood_fogLight
x0.3 mood_fogHeavy

Visual Target Identification[edit | edit source]

Visual ID - if you are close enough, your pilots can determine some basic information such as the chassis type, rough armor/structure values, and type of weapon. You have to be within 150 meters for visual identification.

List of Equipment Improving Visibility[edit | edit source]

Item Bonus
Cockpits Can provide bonus to base sight range, i.e. Range Finder provides bonus of 20 meters to base sight range
Sensors Some of the sensors also provide increased sight range, i.e. Sensor Powered provides 5% increase in sight range
Active Probes Provide increase in sight range similar to some of the sensors, i.e. Beagle Active Probe provides 15% increase in sight range

Some of the other items can also provide various bonuses to sight range, pay attention to equipment descriptions.

Example[edit | edit source]

Example: a Bushwacker equipped with Active Probe and Range Finder++ is fighting in Dim conditions in Rain.

Its sight distance will be: (330m (Dim) + 60m (Rangefinder++) * 0.7 (Rain) * 1.1 (Active probe) = 300m (10 hexes)