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User Interface Guide[edit | edit source]

This page provides an overview of the user interface in RogueTech.

Targeting:[edit | edit source]

Cone of Fire:[edit | edit source]


Whenever you move your mech around the map you will see a semi-transparent cone which represents the firing arc of your weapons. Different shades of white indicate the overlapping effective range of weapons: the darker the shade, the higher the potential damage output.

Targeting Lines:[edit | edit source]

When targeting an enemy mech or vehicle, the line's color communicates the following:

  • Red: frontal attack
  • Red and Yellow: frontal attack with obstructed target
  • Blue: flanking attack
  • Purple: flanking attack with obstructed target
  • Green: rear attack

The direction of attack and the presence of obstructions affect accuracy in different ways, details can be found in the Accuracy Guide.

Auras[edit | edit source]

Activating Equipment.png
Weapon Controls.png

In game you will often see circles of varying colors around your mechs - these are called Auras. They show the area of effect for various equipment:

  • Teal: ECM Shield Aura.
  • Blue: ECM Jamming Aura.
  • Purple: ECCM Aura.
  • Green: C3 Aura.
  • Orange: General Allies Buff Aura.
  • Red: AMS Coverage Aura.

New Controls[edit | edit source]

  • Activating Equipment. Some of the equipment in RogueTech can be activated (i.e. MASC) or switched between different modes (i.e. ECM). This can be done by clicking LCtrl+LMB click on "Move" button to open equipment activation menu.
  • Changing Firing Modes. Some of the weapons in RogueTech have multiple firing modes (i.e. UAC can be shot in single and ultra mode). The player can switch firing modes by clicking the DMG number of the corresponding weapon in the accuracy panel.
  • Change Ammo Type. If a weapon uses multiple ammo types (i.e. LRM20 can use standard LRM ammo, Hydra LRM ammo etc.), the player can switch ammo types by clicking the AMMO number of the corresponding weapon in the accuracy panel.