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How Offline Priority Missions Work[edit | edit source]

Priority Missions are given by a faction to take over a planet. They will reward Escalation Bonuses (+Salvage/CBills/XP) for each mission completed while the bonus is active. At any time, you may fly to another planet to abandon the mission chain. [Need image of priority mission contract with bonuses]

In order to take over a planet for the new faction, they must control 15% more than the current owner. [Need image showing % ownerships]

Every few days, Darius will pop up a message telling you that your employer has a mission for you. The timeline will be frozen and you MUST complete this mission in order to proceed at this planet. The number of days between those missions seems to be constant. 3 and 4 days are confirmed. [Need image showing Darius popup]

The number of missions required is an estimate of missions to change the planet, however Mission RNGesus may decide that you need to spend 30 missions fighting a 3rd-party and gain no progress towards your goal. The only way to deal with this is to make a suitable sacrifice. [Need image showing a priority mission contract that shows ownership change %s]

Upon taking over the system for the new owner, you will be rewarded with a loot box. There is a known issue where the rare item is not highlighted as the rare item in the lootbox. Fret not, within the remainder of the items, your rare item will appear there. [Need Image of lootbox]

Tips For Successful Priority Missions[edit | edit source]

  • Carry extra mechs - some of your mechs might not repair in time between missions.
  • Carry extra pilots - fatigue is a pain to deal with
  • Carry extra CBills - Time between missions can be long, and CBill rewards might not cover your expenses.

[any other tips that might come in handy]