Greater Valkyrate

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Greater Valkyrate
Greater Valkyrate
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The union of two breakaway factions from the Oberon Confederation, namely Butte Hold and Morgraine's Valkyrate in 3028 created the Greater Valkyrate, a Pirate Kingdom that kept the Oberon Confederation in check as their strong antagonist. It was notable for emphasizing the dominance of women over men.

The Greater Valkyrate, Oberon Confederation and others were summarily overrun and vanquished during the Clan Invasion in 3049

Starter[edit | edit source]

Planet 'Mech Name 'Mech Signature Allignment
Gotterdammerung Catapult CPLT-P Pirate 

Faction Leader[edit | edit source]

Lady Alekto

Faction Stats[edit | edit source]