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List of Major Gameplay changes in comparison to vanilla[edit | edit source]


  • The new game start and the ingame difficulty settings now include pretty much everything you can think of.

Heat Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Overheating will generate negative effects that worsen the longer you stay over the red line.

Reworked skill tree[edit | edit source]

  • Sensor Lock: now grants a 2 turn +2 accuracy bonus and strips 2 evasion pips on action - is now Tactics 8.
  • Breaching Shot: moved to specific pieces of gear, replaced with Warlord.
  • Warlord: grants +1 Accuracy, Improved firing arc and +10% damage.
  • Bulwark: moved to specific pieces of gear, replaced with Berserker.
  • Berserker: grants bracing after Melee and DFA, 5% bonus to Melee & DFA Damage, and 5% DFA self damage reduction.
  • Piloting affects melee miss penalties and grants a chance to mitigate them.
  • Piloting also affects the chances of being prematurely knocked down.
  • Guts and Tactics lower chance to Panic and Eject.

Combat game[edit | edit source]

  • TRUE RNG! Unlike in the base game, where hit chances are manipulated, no aim correction will occur. You either hit or you miss, the game doesn't hold your hand.
  • Melee has been buffed but Melee and DFA now have variable penalties for missing.
  • AI is now more aggressive and will try to outmaneuver you as a lance. Expect a lot of back shots into your 'Mechs if you give them the chance. They will also push their heat hard, and try to spike your own heat.
  • Morale is now affected by everything that happens during combat, even negatively, and Inspired grants a +2 accuracy at 75 morale. Morale is also capped at 150 in combat, max starting cap in combat is 100.
  • Vigilance is more expensive, up to 35 morale points per pilot.
  • Precision Strike is now Called Shot, allowing you to spend 10 Morale to do a called shot at higher (+6) difficulty. Your target will also move back 1 initiative phase.
  • Increased radar and vision range.
  • Moving, running and jumping incur cumulative accuracy penalties (the more you move, the less accurate you are).
  • Can shoot after sprinting.
  • Evasion is more powerful, and is no longer removed when being shot at.
  • Accuracy and stability penalties for sustaining damage.
  • Elevation grants an escalating accuracy bonus and to hit penalty by 1 per 35 units.
  • Obstructed targets are harder to hit and incur a -10% damage penalty.
  • Indirect fire has a +8 to hit penalty and incurs a -20% damage penalty.
  • Increased maximum heat combined with reduced overheat thresholds.
  • Overheating incurs an escalating penalty to accuracy and movement as well as escalating chances to shutdown premature or having your ammo explode. The more consecutive turns you spend overheated, the higher the penalties and chance of shutting down or exploding.
  • Pilots can panic and eject! Continue pounding someone until they bail out or watch in horror as your legged ace gunner punches out after a barrage from the other side!

TAC -Through Armour Critical[edit | edit source]

  • Deal critical damage if your armour is compromised or if the weapon hits hard enough!
  • Default chance of this happening per "strong enough hit" is 1%. (Average on 0.6% on 20k iterations)
  • By standard TT rules, TAC was introduced to balance certain vehicles and 'mechs from being too robust, and make damage to still be able to affect them.
  • Its a real life addition taken to TT and RT, it wasn't added "just because", its based on real physics too.
  • There is an in-game armour called Spall Liner which will lower the chance of TAC being done on your 'mechs (and OpFor too). Build smart.
  • If you want to disable this feature, CLICK HERE. But we will judge you! (The gameplay experience may actually harder then with default TAC.)

Simgame[edit | edit source]

  • Select your starter 'Mech, from the agile Wolfhound to the imposing K3 Catapult.
  • Your starting lance is randomly assigned from between 185-200 tons and 3-6 'Mechs (including your starter choice, so choose wisely).
  • Difficulty is now determined by the strength of your Alpha team - the combined C-Bill value of your 4 most expensive 'Mechs defines your difficulty.
  • Your 'Mechs' value defines all aspects of their economy: the cost for maintenance, fueling, arming, and readying your 'Mechs all depends on the value of their chassis and equipment.
  • Having a Hightech Gauss Rifle is harder to maintain than a crappy old Heavy Rifle, and fielding some Prototype 'Mech is costlier then fielding a mass-produced Centurion, for example.
  • Changing armour takes times and costs more.
  • You can use Shift+Click to change armor by a single digit each time.
  • Shift/Ctrl + Click allows you to sell 10/100 pieces of gear at once.
  • Assemble 'Mechs from pieces of similar chassis but expect them to be broken shot up pieces Yang slapped together. Keep only those you want and need, scrap pieces for money and sell your salvage.
  • Your monthly morale resets now to 10 plus your Argo bonuses, in order to create a greater incentive to invest into recreational facilities.
  • Your funding levels grant you a bonus or penalty to your Med and 'Mech tech levels - pay more and everyone works harder.
  • Pilots will be fatigued after a battle, reducing their skills and abilities until they recover. Also, pilot upgrades in the barracks won't be available until they return to active duty.

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