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Description[edit | edit source]

Built in 2492 the Griffin was originally classified as a heavy BattleMech, filling in the weight gap between mammoth machines like the Mackie and smaller recon 'Mechs like the Wasp, and intended for close assaults. Combining tremendous speed and firepower in one frame the Griffin briefly dominated in this role before being superseded by larger and better-equipped 'Mechs. However the Griffin was very popular among commanders and pilots alike and so Earthwerks Incorporated kept it in production, this time reclassified as a medium 'Mech and tasked with long-range fire support for medium lances. In this capacity the Griffin has excelled, combining good striking power, endurance and speed, with its only major weakness being a lack of close-range defensive weapons.

During the Succession Wars the Griffin could be found in almost every unit of all the Great Houses, thanks in part to its diverse number of manufacturers. Besides being constructed from Earthwerks' factory on Keystone the Griffin was later acquired and built by Defiance Industries (Hesperus II), Kallon Industries (Talon), Brigadier Corporation (Oliver), and Norse BattleMech Works (later Victory Industries, Marduk). It was even manufactured in the Periphery by Vandenberg Mechanized Industries on Illiushin. Only the Capellan Confederation lacked a means of building the 'Mech, although they made up for it by purchasing a limited number from the Taurian Concordat. During the Fourth Succession War some of these manufacturers exchanged hands, with the Draconis Combine capturing Marduk from the Federated Suns and the Lyran Commonwealth taking Oliver from the Free Worlds League. This exchange also happened to coincide with several new variants being designed to exploit recently-recovered lostech. As such variants meant specifically for either Houses Kurita, Marik or the Federated Commonwealth found their way into the arsenals of all of them. During the Clan Invasion these manufacturers produced the new variants to meet the Clan threat while Vandenberg Industries continued to build original GRF-1N Griffins.

When Vicore Industries began shopping around its "Project Phoenix" initiative, Defiance and Kallon Industries signed on to begin producing the completely redesigned GRF-6S Griffin. Victory Industries later signed up as well after the legal battle between Wolf's Dragoons and the Lyran Alliance saw the famous mercenary group selling its Light Fusion technology to both the Draconis Combine and Free Worlds League. The League designed a native update to the Griffin while ComStar had their own built as well which, ominously, soon began appearing in the ranks of the Word of Blake Militia.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Name Signature FACTIONS (3039+) Weight Class Hardpoints Current Quirks
55 MEDIUM 0B 3E 3M 2S 7JJ .
55 MEDIUM 0B 4E 2M 3S 7JJ .
GRF-2N 55 MEDIUM 0B 2E 4M 3S 7JJ SLDF Royal

-5% heat generated

-6 heat per turn

55 MEDIUM 0B 2E 4M 3S 7JJ SLDF Royal

-5% heat generated

-6 heat per turn

GRF-SP (SPARKY) 55 MEDIUM 0B 6E 0M 6S 7JJ Sparky:

-12 heat per turn

GRF-IIC 40 MEDIUM 11B 13E 13M 11S 8JJ "Clan Mech"

125% Spotter distance

125% Sensor distance

+1 Accuracy with ranged weapons

-2 Accuracy with melee.

-2 Accuracy with DFA

Not able to equip melee weapons.



55 MEDIUM 11B 13E 13M 11S 7JJ "Weapons Computer"

+2 Accuracy

+Breaching Shot