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Description[edit | edit source]

Developed as a complement to the Griffin in the later years of the Jihad, the Ghost is a medium strike 'Mech that saw considerable use in the years after the formation of the Republic of the Sphere. Developed by the Lyran Commonwealth and elements of the former Free Worlds League the Ghost carries an extensive array of electronic warfare equipment into combat. A Beagle Active Probe allows the Ghost to find enemy units, while Stealth Armor and a Guardian ECM Suiteallows the 'Mech to live up to its name.

With excellent land speed and formidable medium-range weaponry, the Ghost is ideal for hunter-killer and heavy raiding missions, especially when paired with Griffins. Though production runs started low due to the expensive Stealth Armor and electronics, both Defiance and Earthwerks make a simpler Ghost variant available for purchase on the open market.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Name Signature Factions Weight Class Hardpoints
GST-10 50 MEDIUM 0B 3E 4M 3S 8JJ
GST-11 50 MEDIUM 0B 3E 4M 3S 8JJ
GST-50 50 MEDIUM 0B 3E 4M 3S 8JJ
GST-90 50 MEDIUM 0B 3E 4M 3S 8JJ
GST-10A 50 MEDIUM 0B 3E 4M 2S 8JJ