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Description[edit | edit source]

Produced from the Gibson Federated BattleMechs factories on Gibson for a brief period in the 3070s prior to the destruction of Gibson in 3078 at the hands of forces from the Principality of Regulus, the Gestalt was the first and only BattleMech in the Machina Domini class of 'Mechs. The 'Mech was given the name Gestalt not by the Word of Blake, who manufactured it, but by the rebel forces on Gibson who faced it in combat; although the design was only at the prototype stage, the Gestalt underwent extensive field-testing on Gibson in a range of roles, from ambush duties making full use of the combination of Angel ECM and the Void Signature System to interdiction, recon and high-speed pursuit. The Gestalt was a fast and agile 'Mech, with a top speed of 118kph and jump jets capable of propelling it up to 180 meters through the air.

The origin of the name Gestalt lay with the unique nature of the 'Mechs command interface; the Gestalt could only be operated by a pilot wearing a battlesuit equipped with a Neural-Interface Unit, and the pilot and his battle suit could detach from the Gestalt to engage enemies as the mission required. The unique nature of the command interface for the Gestalt meant that the 'Mech didn't require a gyro, but instead was equipped with a 4-ton Interface Cockpit. Even now, it isn't known if the Gestalt was a field-test for a new modular command system that the Blakists intended to roll out across other signature equipment like the Celestial OmniMech series, or if the Gestalt was a first-of-class design instead intended to complement the Word's OmniMechs.

The insurgents on Gibson apparently never managed to down a Gestalt prior to the destruction of Gibson at the hands of the Regulans, but the Word managed to remove a dozen or so Gestalts from Gibson which would then face the Regulan forces elsewhere. On Diamantina a complete Level II of Gestalts attempted to resist the Regulan attack, but with the destruction of Circinus and with it the last of the Word of Blake's senior leadership, combined with the disappearance of the surviving Manei Domini, the Gestalt has evidently vanished from use and with it any evidence of any further Machina Domini technology.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Name Signature Factions Weight Class Hardpoints
D2X-G 45 MEDIUM 0B 4E 1M 2S 8JJ