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Description[edit | edit source]

The Fireball was a quick response BattleMech built as a direct result of the Clans' Elemental infantry. As the Clans swept through the Inner Sphere, members of the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth met with scientists from the New Avalon Institute of Science to discuss, among other things, how to counter their new Battle Armored foes. The result was a 'Mech which on paper met many of the criteria for successfully dealing with Elementals: it had weapons with a high rate-of-fire for taking on swarms of "Toads" as they were known, had ammunition stores to maintain that rate for extended periods, and an extremely high speed so it could quickly come to the aid of heavier units. These Fireballs were given to units with prior experience fighting the Clans but assigned to rookie pilots, partly because the 'Mech's capabilities fit the personality of many of these new Mechwarriors, partly to more quickly build up their combat experience. The Crucis Lancers, Deneb Light Cavalry and Ceti Hussars were the first regiments to receive these 'Mechs in 3053, employing them immediately on the front lines as raiding along the border between the Inner Sphere and Occupation Zones commenced following the Truce of Tukayyid.

Unfortunately, it wasn't long before reports came back that the Fireball was woefully inadequate for its assigned job. While fast enough to get to a trouble spot the 'Mech simply didn't have the firepower to effectively fight off the enemy; in many cases the Fireball was actually outgunned by the very Elementals it was meant to defeat. Luckily the 'Mech's extreme speed allowed FedCom commanders to repurpose the Fireball as a scout and raider, a role in which it served the AFFC through to the FedCom Civil War. It was on the very doorstep of the Corean factory that the Fireball saw its heaviest fighting to date, churned out in large numbers for the Loyalists until the Allies took over, where it became one of their primary recon assets. Since the civil war the Fireball played a pivotal role in rebuilding shattered units, including the Ceti Hussars and Deneb Light Cavalry, and has continued to serve in years since

Variants[edit | edit source]

Name Signature Factions Weight Class Hardpoints
ALM-XF 20 LIGHT 1B 4E 1M 0S 20JJ
ALM-9D 20 LIGHT 1B 4E 1M 0S 20JJ
ALM-8D 20 LIGHT 1B 4E 1M 0S 20JJ
ALM-7D 20 LIGHT 1B 4E 1M 0S 20JJ
ALM-10D 20 LIGHT 1B 4E 1M 0S 20JJ