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A RogueTech mini module. Originally an add-on mod made by community member MXMach (talk), now an optional module which adds collection of weapons and equipment that brings the aspect of death more certain towards your mech warriors. Be careful to not take a wrong step and get eviscerated.

They are only found on special mechs added with mod and normally really rare to find, but deadly.

Note: The weapons and equipment are not intended to be lore-friendly and may be considered "cheaty". Even if there is an effort to balance it with the rest of the RogueTech package. (Allegedly)
Note: I don't update too much this page, so consider it "outdated" by a bit... MXMach (talk) 05:16, 15 May 2019 (UTC)

Equipment Included:[edit | edit source]

This module comes with the following weapons:[edit | edit source]

  • Rotary AC/10 (C) - A clan envisioned Rotary AC/10, 4 shots, 60 damage each. Can suffer from jamming.
  • Rotary AC/20 (C) - A clan envisioned Rotary AC/20, 4 shots, 80 damage each. Can suffer from jamming.
  • Rotary AC/20 (LF) - A special clan Rotary AC/20 affixed to the Little Friend, also 4 shots, 65 damage each but with reduced space and weight (still heavy and not possible to take out). Can suffer from jamming.
  • Heavy Silver Bullet Gauss Rifle (C) - A Clan Society prototype Heavy Silver Bullet Gauss Rifle, what would later become the Hyper Assault Gauss Rifle, firing submunitions capable to utterly crush any target it is aimed at. 30 damage, 5 clustered shots. Can suffer from jamming. Damage variance by range (close range optimal).
  • Railgun (DS) - Down scaled version of the already found one in-game, to be able to be mounted on normal mechs. Mountable only on the CT. 245 damage +/- 50 damage variance (195-295), also volatile.
  • Railgun (SR-R) - A special down scaled version of the Railgun, which, while it reduces the critical space used on the mech equipped and affixed to it, limiting the mechs versatility for specialization. Mountable only on the CT. 245 damage +/- 50 damage variance (195-295), also volatile.

The following gear has also been added:[edit | edit source]

  • Stealth (C) - An improved stealth system with +1 max evasion, at the cost of more heat passively produced and more weapon heat % generated then even NSS. Also is quite more expensive to mount, so beware. (Ranked between Stealth and NSS, capellan versions). Reserves 6 slots and requires an ECM. CASE ENABLED.
  • NSS (C) - A further advancement on clan stealth system's by The Society, gives +. Reserves 6 slots and requires an ECM. evasion and further increased signature and visibility, at the cost of more heat then the Stealth (C) and the most expensive to maintain. CASE ENABLED. (Ranked between NSS and Chameleon Armor/Void-SS)
  • Toothed Claws - The prototype Toothed Claws commissioned by ComStar in 3060 to upgrade the King Crab with functional claws which can drag large battlefield salvage or even grasp its prey to rip and tear. They are affixed to both of the Argent Leviathan's arms.
  • Supercharged LAM-Light Engine - This specially modified Marauder Engine Core enables the mech's thrusters to work in conjunction with a LAM system strapped into it while retaining the weight savings of a Light Engine, this effectively makes the engine lighter and makes the mech go faster, it adds a lot more bulk then normal LAM or Light engines.
  • Directional Thruster (MAD-DER) - This specially modified directional thruster modified for the special MAD-DER Marauder variant works in conjunction with the LAM system strapped into the mech's chassis, while it wasn't possible to remove all the weight cost from the thruster, its lighter then its normal counterparts. And since its linked directly into the engine core, its not possible to remove it, but its destruction won't affect the engine core itself.
  • FCS HAG - Upgrades increase accuracy when attacking with Ballistic, Energy, or Missile weaponry, depending on the type of TTS. Doesn't stack with same type but different tiers do. Only available on the LoneWolf.

Mech Data[edit | edit source]

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details about the Mech data for the mod follow.
General Mech Data and Roles.
  • Atlas/ AS-IIC-OS [Obsidian Skull]: The origin of this mech is unknown, but all the mech's equipment indicate it's made by the Society. Its codename 'Obsidian Skull' is only known if you have seen this mech before and left alive to continue living.
    • Role : Melle/Close Range Skirmisher.
  • Blood Asp/ BAS-S: A Custom configured Blood Asp by the Society to work as a test bed for the Experimental Heavy Silver Bullet Gauss Rifles .
    • Role : Medium Range Suppressor.
  • Dire Wolf/DW-LW [Lone Wolf]: The variant piloted by Phelan Wolf at his Trial of Position to test out as a MechWarrior on 21 July 3051. Configured by Khan Natasha Kerensky (who was piloting the LRM variant of her Widowmaker in the same Trial).
    • Role: All Around Obliterator.
  • Ebon Jaguar/EJ-CB [Cauldron Born]: Like An unstoppable Zombie, the mech known as the cauldron born takes the battlefield striking fear into its opponents.
    • Role : Close Range Suppressor.
  • King Crab/KGC-AL [Argent Leviathan]: Argent Leviathan was commissioned by ComStar in 3060 as an exploratory upgrade to existing King Crabs. Largely driven by the logistical problems plaguing ComStar's thinly stretched armies, the KGC-AL prototype would carry eight extended range medium lasers and two large pulse lasers along with functional claws that would enable it to drag large battlefield salvage or even grasp its prey.
    • Role: Multi Purpose Defender.
  • Stone Rhino/KGC-SR-R [Stone Rhino-R]: The maximum expresion of death at a Distance. Has an improved downscaled Railgun affixed on it Center Torso.
    • Role: Extreme Range Obliterator.
  • Leviathan/Lev-Racz [Raczilla]: The Raczilla is an attempt at creating the most powerful and supersized mech imaginable. Some think it was accomplished, but it low ammo reserves, and heat produced aren't convincing. But doesn't make it less scary...
    • Role: Medium Range Destroyer.
  • Marauder/ MAD-DER: This Marauder, commonly refered as the MAD-DER, was first seen as a Solaris VII speed boosted refit which boasts of an L.A.M. System incorporated to the very mech's chassis and engine, enabling it to go faster and actually fly in short bursts. Made with that kind of passion for a flying Marauder, the design was quickly stolen and reffited with several disabler weapons. Making it a capable fast heavy support class mech.
    • Role: Heavy LAM Disabler.
  • Marauder II/ MAD-BH: This Marauder II was introduced by the Clans for a Mercenary who earned a honoured place among the Warriors. Outfitted with a standard downscaled railgun.
    • Role: Extreme Range Fire Support.
  • Raven/ RVN-G [Grip]: In the progress made with counter intelligence systems, the WoB forces within ComStar made this Raven II prototype as a testbed of various of clan tech as well as for future technological prowess. Known as the "Grip" this little beast is more then equipped enough to make someone have a bad time.
    • Role: Light Flanker/Scout.
  • Riflemman III-C/ RFL-1S: Developed for the Emperor Stefan Amaris's occupying army, the Rifleman III was an experimental prototype which was rushed into service to defend against the invading Star League Defense Force Army led by General Aleksandr Kerensky in 2777. This version however, is a bastardization made by the clan's Society scientist, outfitting even more firepower into the original's mech vision. Opting to use twin HAG/20s on each arm, its mroe then enough able to destroy both mechs and aerofighters.
    • Role: Long Range Suppressor.
  • Urbanmech /UM-IIC-LF [LittleFriend]: The "Little Friend" might be one of the nastiest trashcans available today, with its incredible RAC/20. While its immense power might scare some, it still is a trashcan.
    • Role: Close Range Trashcan.
Significant plot details about the Mech data for the mod end here.

Trivia:[edit | edit source]

The "Railgun" present already in the game, made for the Super Heavy Mechs, is based originally on the found on this mod.

Most weapons currently existing on this module, are based of the Mech Warrior 4 MekTek variants. As for the other equipment (and some of the mechs), they are based on concept art designs.

As for the Clan Stealth and Clan NSS, they aren't lore-exact, but were designed as the advancements made by The Society on researching and upgrading the Stealth armour and NSS for clan use with the clan equipment quirks, such as CASE equipped into the armor and some of the improvement applied by CLan technology. The downside is that both system are more expensive to maintain and install.

The "Little Friend" is based on a doodle made by FlyingDebris (Alex Iglesias), about a certain mech with a giant oversized minigun.