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See Jump Jets (guide) for how to use jump jets effectively and other vertical mobility tactics.

Jump Jets, Improved Jets, and Directional Jets.[edit | edit source]

The mostly standard jump jets are broken down into three classes of mech tonnage:

  • Standard for mechs up to 55 tonnes
  • Heavy for mechs between 60 and 85 tonnes
  • Assault for mechs over 90 tonnes

One jet is enough to jump a small distance horizontally or vertically, more jets improves the distance you can jump. The further you jump, the more heat you generate.

Improved jump jets allow you to jump further, at the cost of more weight, while Directional jets improve Death from Above effectiveness, but at increased weight and reduced jump distance.

Name Value Tonnage Slots Jump Distance


Other Effects
Jump Jet (S) 30 0.5 1 0
Jump Jet-I (S) 120 0.75 1 +15%
Directional Jump Jet (S) 90 0.75 1 -5% +1 DFA accuracy, +5% DFA damage, -5% DFA self damage
Jump Jet (H) 60 1 1 0
Jump Jet-I (H) 225 1.5 1 +15%
Directional Jump Jet (H) 120 1.5 1 -5% +1 DFA accuracy, +5% DFA damage, -5% DFA self damage
Jump Jet (A) 70 2 1 0
Jump Jet-I (A) 270 3 2 +15%
Directional Jump Jet (A) 140 3 2 -5% +1 DFA accuracy, +5% DFA damage, -5% DFA self damage
Jump Jet (SH) 570 3 2 +10%

Articulated Jump Jets and Partial Wing Systems[edit | edit source]

Articulated Jump Jets are modified banks of jump jets used to improve sprinting speed, the trade off being they are significantly heavier then standard jets, with reduced jump distance, and have to be mounted in the centre torso.

Partial Wing Systems are large gliding wings strapped to the mech that both allow it to jump further and act as extra radiators to disperse heat. They won't allow you to jump by themselves, you need to add additional jets to the mech. Must be mounted in the centre torso.

All Articulated Jump Jets provide:

  • +10% Walk/Sprint Distance
  • +1 Defense
  • -15% Jump Distance

All Partial Wing Systems provide:

  • -9 heat/turn
  • +30% Jump Distance

Note, while all of these can technically exist within the game, some are weights will be much harder to acquire then others as not all weights exist on salvageable mechs.

Mech Tonnage AJJ/PWS Tonnage Slots Value (K)
45-50 4 2 200
55 4.5 2 225
75 6.5 2 325
95-100 9 2 450