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Battle Computers[edit | edit source]

This page provides overview for targeting tracking systems (Battle Computers) available in the RogueTech mod.

  • To install a Battle Computer (BC) a mech should have a Fire Control System (FCS) which allows use of Battle Computers - a Tactical Computer.
  • Any mech can have multiple Battle Computers installed.
  • Only 1 Battle Computer of a the same type can be installed, i.e. only 1 BC Tracking or any other.

List of Battle Computers[edit | edit source]

Below is the list of battle computers in the RogueTech mod.

Item Called Shot Bonus Bonus
BC Artemis 4% Allows use of Artemis IV ammo
BC Ballistic 4% Ballistic Accuracy: +1
BC Criticals 4% Criticals: +50%
BC Energy 4% Energy Accuracy: +1
BC Extreme Range 4% Extreme Range Accuracy: +2
BC Gunnery 4% Gunnery: +1
BC Guts 4% Guts: +1
BC Headshot 4% Allows targeting head with Offensive Push
BC Heat 4% Weapon Heat: -10%
BC Indirect 4% Indirect Accuracy: +2
BC Long Range 4% Long Range Accuracy: +2
BC Medium Range 4% Medium Accuracy: +1
BC Minimum Range 4% Minimum Range Accuracy: +2
BC Missile 4% Missile Accuracy: +1
BC Piloting 4% Piloting: +1
BC Range 4% All Range Brackets: 10%

Minimum Range: -50%

BC Recoil 4% Recoil: -1
BC Short Range 4% Short Range: +1
BC Tactics 4% Tactics: +1
BC Tracking 4% Evasion Ignore: +1